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Football Inflation and Maintenance Guide

Inflating a football


1. Straighten out the ball as much as possible - This is especially important with new balls.

2. Drip 1-2 drops of valve-oil into the valve-hole - It is important that valve oil is used as it makes the valve hole flexible and it seals more tightly.

3. Place the valve-hole facing upwards.

4. Enter the pump needle into the valve-hole and inflation can begin - Always use a long enough needle adaptor to avoid the risk of the bladder getting loose from the valve-hole.

The first time a ball is inflated it should be done with over pressure (0.2 bar more than recommended pressure) about 24 hours before use in order to secure the ball flexibility and shape.


The football is to be cleaned in soapy water using a mild soap. Footballs should be kept in a well ventated room at 15-25 degrees celcius. Always drip 1-2 drops of valve oil in to the valve-hole before inflation.

Please note:

If the ball is inflated incorrectly it will be unbalanced, which will cause the ball to have an unreliable float through the air and a bad bounce. Most often the ball is not lop-sided it is the bladder which is stuck to the lining.

If the bladder sticks to the inside of the ball, deflate the ball so the bladder will be free from the lining. Shake the ball to listen to the bladder so it hangs freely. When the bladder hangs freely then re-inflate the ball.


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