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10 Reasons To Go For A Swim!

Whether you are a keen sport enthusiast or like a little bit of gentle exercise now and then, swimming is a sport suitable for all.

Swimming has a huge number of benefits and no matter how fit you are, you can easily start swimming to a level suited to your needs. Going to the pool can help strengthen your muscles, get your heart pumping and even make you feel and look younger! 

Have a read through of the positives of swimming below!

10 reasons to start swimming now

GOOD FOR GENERAL HEALTH. By popping to the pool two or three times a week, it is a fantastic way to keep you healthy and fit. Swimming can help to lift your mood and maintain a positive outlook on life. It is important though, to swim whilst also keeping a healthy diet. The two go hand in hand. Swimming can also be very sociable and it may be nice to go along with a friend and swim together.  This can be motivational…and fun too!

PROTECTS THE BODY. When in water, the water takes on the majority of the body’s weight and so you get a sort of weightless feeling. Swimming is therefore a great exercise to take part in if you are suffering from an injury like a sprain, as the water will take the weight and alleviate pressure on the affected joint. Swimming is a great way to keep active if you cannot take part in your normal sporting activities.

SWEAT FREE…and less washing! Swimming does not give you the sweaty feel that a gym workout gives you. Even the hardest of swimming workouts would not have you breaking out into a sweat. The water is a great way to keep your body cool and prevent over-heating.

TOTAL BODY WORKOUT. When swimming, you use every single muscle in your body, no matter whether you do a leisurely breaststroke or super speedy front crawl. By exercising in water, you are also making your body do more of a workout than if you were out of the pool. The water resistance makes you work harder.

CALORIE BURNING. Swimming is a great way to get those calories burnt. Even a slow and gentle swim can burn around 200 calories in 30 minutes. This is double than what you can do if you were out taking a walk. If you would rather swim that bit faster, you would soon burn off your meal and in fact much faster than if you were going for a run.

EQUIPMENT FREE. You do not need to spend a fortune on additional gear and gadgets. A costume/trunks and some goggles should suffice!

PREVENTS ILLNESS. Swimming is very good for your heart and for your cardiovascular health. Swimming gets your heart pumping and therefore helps to lower your chance of getting hearth disease, diabetes and other health complications.

IMPROVED ENERGY. When people are inactive it is often because they do not have much energy to get going. Swimming is known to increase your energy levels and swimming two to three times a week can help change your levels for the better. Swimming also can improve your metabolism to help shift any excess weight.

REFRESHING AND REVITALISING.  Going for a swim is such a refreshing feeling. It helps to release those feel good hormones and can brighten up your day.

How do you find swimming? Why do you feel it is good for you?

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