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The Benefits of Swimming

Swimming has a huge number of benefits and no matter how fit you are, you can easily start swimming to a level suited to your needs.
Going to the pool can help strengthen your muscles, get your heart pumping and even make you feel and look younger!
Experts say we need 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. Have you considered adding 30-minute swim to your workouts and exercise plans?
Have a read of our top points of why you should get into swimming!

1. Swimming is for everyone
2. It helps you keep a healthy weight
3. It is great for your heart and lungs
4. Swimming builds both muscles and strength
5. It is a workout for your entire body
6. You use all muscles
7. Swimming is a wonderful therapy for people who have injuries as it is low-impact
8. Swimming can works wonders for both your mental and physical health
9. It is a great way to alleviate your stresses
10. Swimming makes your heart rate increase which is good for increasing your fitness
11. Swimming is safe during pregnancy
12. Swimming is a great mood booster
13. Water provides gentle resistance to help you work out your muscles in a gentle manner
14. Swimming suits all ages and abilities
15. It is an activity you can enjoy with your children
16. Your coordination and balance can benefit from swimming
17. It can lower your chances of getting illnesses as it is a great exercise to support your body
18. Swimming tones your muscles
19. Swimming is a low impact exercise and there is not a huge amount of stress on your body
20. You can make new friends
21. It is quite a relaxing form of exercise
22. Swimming encourages better endurance
23. You can learn to swim at any age
24. Swimming does not make you sweat like other exercise
25. You can increase your flexibility
26. Swimming is varied – you can have a go at a number of different strokes
27. It is a relatively affordable activity and does not require much gear
28. It is a great activity for your cardiovascular health and fitness
29. Swimming is a fantastic way to cool down on a hot day
30. There are a lot of swimming pools around
31. It is a great way to get and keep fit
32. Regular swimming could even help you to sleep better!
33. Swimming can help to boost your energy levels
34. It is a life long activity
35. Swimming increases bone mass
36. Swimming is a good calorie burner
37. It lowers stress and a great way to let of some steam after a busy day at work or a great way to kick start your day before work
38. Swimming can ease aches and pains
39. You can reduce your waist line
40. Swimming has been known to reduce aging

Have we convinced you to give swimming a go?

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