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PliFix Grass Marking Tufts

PliFix Grass Marking Tufts

PliFix Grass Marking Tufts are synthetic plastic marking strands of grass implants for marking out pitches. In addition, they also have lots of uses outside sports markings.

Take a look below at Newitts' short guide to Plifix Grass Marketing Tufts and their multiple uses.


What are Plifix Grass Marking Tufts?

Plifix Grass Marking Tufts, better known as 'sports ground carrots' or 'a layout system for all grass sports', are plastic marking strands made from a UV-resistant, synthetic fibre carrot set on a tough polypropylene screw-in base.

Plifix synthetic grass implants are a safe and permanent ground marking system. They are the most practical solution for marking buried objects or setting lines and boundaries.


About Plifix Marking Tufts

Plifix Grass Marking Tufts offer a new instantaneous ground marking system, in which you can mark out your ground for sport or mark the location of water pipes, electricity cables, sprinkling systems and much more.

Plifix markers are easy to fit, completely safe to use, lasts for years and will not damage your lawnmower or other gardening equipment.

The markers are present in more than 200,000 sports grounds across Europe to ensure the exactness of dimensions and facilitate the marking of lines. 

Once screwed into place the grass tufts remain in place during mowing, fertilizing and any other ground care that is required, meaning you will never need to do the measurements again.


What are the benefits of using Plifix Marking Tufts?

  • Plifix Marking Tufts are always there when the season starts
  • You spend less time re-measuring, by simply joining up the dots
  • The markers are easy to install and safe for players and machines
  • Once installed in the ground, PliFix helps to indicate buried objects  such as tanks, sprinklers, cables, sensors etc
  • Plifix provides a very practical and cost effective way to mark positions on sports fields and to mark locations for line marking.


Additional uses for Plifix Marking Tufts:

Plifix markers have lots of uses outside sports markings and can be used to facilitate a number of different locations, some of which are listed below:

  • Car Parks Layout
  • Camp Sites Layout
  • Virtual Fences Layout
  • Gas Layout
  • Building Sites Layout
  • Sprinklers Layout
  • Stabilised Surfaces
  • Electricity Wiring Layout
  • Telecoms Cables Layout
  • Pipes Layout


Installation guidelines

  1. (on clay surfaces, first make a hole 10cms deep using a small chisel).
  1. Hit the driving tool with a malet until the "STOP" mark reaches ground level, then remove the driving tool. Remember to leave the top of the screw 3cm under ground level.

NB: When PliFix Marking Tufts are knocked into the ground their coloured synthetic grass tops remain visible. When the grass is next cut, the Plifix is trimmed to the correct level, so that the markers remain visible and level with the current length of grass.

Additional information about Newitts' Plifix Markers

  • Plifix Marking Tufts come in a box of 25 with 1 driving tool included.
  • You can choose between four different colours - white, yellow, red or blue.
  • Tufts are 7.5cm in length and 4cm wide.
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