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The benefits of Speedo swimwear

Speedo jammers

Speedos have increased in popularity in recent years with professional and amateur swimmers both keen to invest in a piece of professional swimwear that offers a host of benefits other swimming brands simply cannot compete with.

At Newitts, we stock a large selection of junior and senior Speedo swimwear to suit all ages and abilities, as such, we're keen to show our buyers why we believe in the Speedo brand and why it is ultimately the best swimwear you can buy.


"we believe in the Speedo brand - it is ultimately the best swimwear you can buy"

Speedos for casual wear

Speedos are no longer a dying fad, instead they've increased in popularity. The Speedo range of swimwear offers a variety of swimming trunks to suit all occasions so you no longer have to don a tight pair of Y fronts to impress! There's plenty of excellent styles to choose from - try the Speedo ® Mens Sport Splice Shorts to benefit from a pair of stylish men's water shorts perfect for the pool, beach or as holiday wear. The shorts are highly versatile, designed to be worn as easily on the street as the beach.


Speedos for the beach

Speedos are made from high-stretch light-weight fabric designed to keep you cool whatever the temperatures, making them an ideal swim short for sunbathing. Speedo trunks are also 20 times more fade-resistant than conventional swimwear. Unlike some brands of swim trunks that can stick to your skin and leave you feeling uncomfortable, Speedos are made from fabric that repels moisture and is quick drying so they stay lightweight and dry, ensuring maximum comfort and ease of movement all day long. Try the Speedo ® Mens YD Check Shorts - quick drying technology, water repellent fabric and a fully elasticated waist make these trunks the perfect choice for active wear both in and out of the water.


"Speedo trunks are 20 times more fade resistant"

Speedos for the swimming pool

Speedos are a great choice for amateur and professional swimmers alike. For example, the Speedo ® Fit Pinnacle V Jammer have the ability to improve your swimming technique thanks to leg compression and core muscle support designed to help you achieve correct body positioning. Furthermore, visible seams built into the jammer trunk highlight the key muscles required to maintain a horizontal body position, prompting you to engage them during training for a more efficient swim. All Speedo trunks are 100% chlorine resistant and the exclusive Speedo fabric is designed to last longer than standard swim fabrics.


Speedos for Triathlons

Triathlons have become increasingly popular throughout the UK, but in order to perform well in an event, it's important to ensure you have the correct swimwear to take you through the swimming stage with maximum ease. The Speedo ® Mens Comp Tri Suit is designed specifically for triathlons and contains a number of added benefits to ensure maximum performance during the race. The trunks contain a Tri Pad with an 80kg/m3 density foam seat pad for perfect balance between sit comfort and running comfort as well as a structured compression panel to improve posture and performance during the late stages of the run.


"The newly released Racer LZR X range is a hot favourite for athletes in the run up to Rio 2016"

Speedos for professional swimmers

Speedo offers a huge range of swim wear specifically designed for professional swimmers. In fact, the swim wear is so effective that in 2009, following the extraordinary statistics in Beijing when swimmers wearing the Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit won 90 per cent of all available medals, there was a great deal of discussion regarding whether the buoyancy in Speedo trunks was in fact helping the swimmers to win! Branded as the world's fastest swimwear, and with increased compression, freedom of movement and maximum support and comfort, the newly released Speedo ® Racer LZR X Jammers are the hot favourite for athletes in the run up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.



Do you prefer a different swim brand? Let us know your thoughts....

Speedo Racer LZR X Jammers

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