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Benefits of Running with a Weighted Vest

Running is one of the greatest ways to lose weight and is also one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do. Adding a weight vest to your everyday run has many benefits.

Burning Calories

It is well known that the more weight your body carries while you’re running the more weight calories you will burn. For example if a man who weighs 125 pounds runs for 30 minutes at 6mph he will burn 300 calories but if a man who weighs 155 pounds runs for exactly the same time at the exact same speed he will burn 375 calories which is a considerately larger amount compared to the lighter man.

Adding weight to your body will shock the system and because you are also heavier you will burn more calories. It is recommended to keep your weighted vest between 5-10% of your body weight.


Increase in Strength and Endurance

When training with a weighted vest carrying the extra weight requires your muscles and respiratory system to work harder. Plus, the heavy the load you are carrying the more the muscles have to work and adapt. Running with extra weight will build a muscular endurance which will help long distance runners. Furthermore, a study done by a Texas Tech University on 2 groups of football players (American football) one group doing plyometrics and basic resistance training and one group doing the exact same with weighted vests and they took the results after six weeks. The results showed that both groups had improved in the 40 metre dash and their vertical jump but the group wearing weighted vests had improved considerably more.


Cardiovascular Benefits

It has a positive impact on your cardiovascular system. Your body creates a greater resistance to lactic acid. This is backed up by the evidence from the study that the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology in which they studied a group of endurance athletes who were wearing weighted vests and a group who weren’t wearing weighted vests. They found that the athletes that were wearing the weighted vests had a lower lactate threshold, improved running time before exhaustion and improved vertical velocity.


Use it for Variation

Weighted vests are great to use for variation when training because your body gets used to repetitive regimes and a weighted vest can shock the system.


Skeletal Benefits

Weighted vests don’t just benefit your muscles it benefits your skeletal frame because the extra weight and mass stimulates cells called Osteablasts which lay down new bone material which in turn makes the bones stronger.

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