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How to mark out a pitch

There are many different ways that you can create/lay out your pitch at a range of affordable prices.

e.g. Fleet Pitchmarker B Line Marking Paint is a durable paint concentrate ideal for use with transfer wheel line marking machines. Fleet line marking paint combines excellent value with bright, durable results.
• Perfect product for wheel to wheel transfer line marking machines.
• Very bright, rain resistant and long lasting.
• Recommended for use on grass only.
• Coverage if used neat - 1 pitch.
• Coverage if used diluted 1:1 - 2 pitches

E.g. Fleet Tim 2 Inch Line Marker is the smallest of the transfer wheel range but still boasts all the same heavy duty features as it's bigger brother the Lionel.
• Unique curved paint tank which helps when cleaning the machine i.e. no corners for paint to gather in and go hard.
• Lids to prevent splashes and spillages whilst line marking and adjustable handle bars are standard on all models.
• 2" Marking Wheel.
• 2 Gallon Tank.
• Adjustable Handlebars.

e.g. PLAYM8 ® Plastic Flags 10 Pack are an easy and cost effective way to mark out a playing area, cricket flags and markers, running track, obstacle course or pitch boundary lines. They have spiked ends to push into ground.

e.g. ATREQ Sports Markers are ideal for grass, play grounds or sports halls, used to mark out field areas, goal areas, obstacle courses etc.

If you need to mark out say a football pitch, there are a number of tools (measuring tool, paint machine, stakes and wire etc.) that you will need and steps you need to follow:
1.Prepare The Field: cut the grass for better paint visibility.
2. Measure The Length: The distance will vary depending on the age/level of the players. Once you have measured, you need to place a stake in the middle of the length to mark where the centre line will be.
3. Staking The Pitch: You will need to place a stake at the start and end of the length. Once the stakes are in place, you will need to run some wire from one stake to another. This will give a guide for your paint machine and will ensure straight lines.
4. Mark The Lines: Paint the field lines. Once the first length has been painted, you will need to measure out the second length.
5. Repeat with the width.
6. Mark The Goal. The goal box should be measured from the goal posts. Once you have measured and staked the goal box, it can be painted.
7. Mark The Corners: Once the paint has dried along pitch edges, you can stake this.


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