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Benefits of Hula Hoop Training

Hula hooping is a great way to have fun and workout at the same time as well as making good physical benefits. One of the benefits is the fact that it helps flexibility through the steady rhythm of moving your hips back and forward, originally designed for fun when it was first invented by the Ancient Greeks and has evolved into an effective workout that has a great benefit to help you lose weight.



When you start hula-hooping you will find it quite hard but once your co-ordination improves you will start to get used to it. To make it easier here are some helpful tips get started... rhythm, hula hooping is all about the rhythm if you don’t have rhythm then it will be hard to be consistent with the rotations of the hoop. To get a good rhythm you should have a steady movement when moving the hips back and forth however you can change the speed you go at as long as you keep a steady movement in the hips otherwise the hoop will begin to fall. Also, try and keep the hoop just above the hips and the hoop should always be in contact with the body if you follow these tips on your technique then you will be able to have a consistent rotation of the hoop and the longer you go without an interruption the more calories you will burn.


Weight Loss

As you are hula hooping you are constantly engaging your core and midsection which helps to tone the muscles around your waist put that with the constant movement of your waist then you’re going to burn calories and tone up your stomach. However, you shouldn’t just rely on hula hooping for weight loss you should also add in extra physical activities in there.


Calories Burnt while Hula Hooping

According to a study done by the exercise and health department of the Wisconsin University hula hooping burns 210 calories per 30 minutes of hula hooping which is on average 7 calories a minute. Their research then went on to show how hooping is high impacts cardio vascular exercise and can be compared to workouts such as kick boxing, step aerobics and power yoga.


Weighted Hula Hoops

When you have got confident enough with the normal hula hoops or you want to have a harder workout you can get Weighted Hoops that engage the abdominals and oblique’s more than a standard hoop which will in turn help you to burn more calories as you will have to also work hard to keep the hoop rotating. Due to you having to work harder Betty Shuring who made a 40 min dance hoop workout said that you will lose roughly about 100 calories every ten minutes which is considerably more than a non weighted hoop.

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