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Things to do on the beach!

A beach is a popular destination for a holiday during the summer. Beaches are a great wait to burn of some steam and get some of the all important physical activity ticked off.
Beach holidays can be a super family destination and even more fun if you are prepared. Of course, sand and water are both something that make children want to play and a lot of physical activities can be done with either them.
It can also help by having a list of fun things to do to prevent your children wanting to head home from the beach after only an hour.
Here is a list of 50 fun ideas and activities that you could do on the beach during the summer holidays:

1. Play how low can you go / limbo
2. Play rounders
3. Play charades
4. Play Volleyball
5. Play Tennis
6. Play badminton
7. Play Marco Polo
8. Play chase/tig
9. Play Football
10. Play football with a beachball
11. Play Frisbee
12. Play I Spy
13. Play Os and Xs using shells
14. Play Hangman
15. Play tag
16. Play tug of war
17. Play 1000. While standing in shallow water, toss a ball into the air while calling out a number value. Whoever catches it gets that many points. The first one to get to 1000 points becomes the thrower.
18. Play Frisbee golf. Set up targets, such as plastic bottles or beach chairs, and see who can hit them with a Frisbee
Play darts. Draw a ‘dart board; in the sand. Assign point values to the rings and toss pebbles at the board to score points
19. Play on noodles or other inflatables
20. Play ‘Flip-Flop Throw’. How far can you throw yours?
21. Swim
22. Have a Treasure hunt
23. Draw pictures in the wet sand
24. Collect smooth rocks to paint at home
25. Build a sand town made of lots of sand castles
26. Search for seashells
27. Have a go at bowling – you could use water bottles
28. Make a ‘beach in a jar’ by collecting sand, pebbles, seashells etc.
29. Have a water fight
30. Make sand angels
31. Build sandcastles and moats
32. Have a bucket-filling race. Run back and forth from the ocean to the bucket to fill it using a cup
33. Bring boats and other floating toys to play with in the water
34. Dig holes in the sand and roll a tennis ball at the hole.
35. Go for a walk
36. Fly a kite
37. Have a go at Hopscotch
38. Spell words in the sand with seashells/stones
39. Have a picnic
40. Bury your feet and hands in the sand
41. Read books
42. Go a few feet into the water and try to jump over waves as they come in
43. Make seashell necklaces – remember to take some string!
44. Run down the beach and see how far you can get before someone gets tired
45. Go horse riding
46. Build a tent by draping towels across two or more beach chairs
47. Have a dance to some music
48. Have crab races by scooting on your hands and feet with your belly facing up.
49. Have a photo shoot
50. Have fun!

Have you got an other ideas of what is fun to do on the beach?

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