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How much physical activity do children need?

From around 5 years old and up to about 18 years old, children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Children should take part in activities, which allow them to strengthen their bones and muscles. This leads to to healthy growth and development.

Bone strengthening: aerobics, basketball, vigorous dance, football, hopscotch, hockey, netball, martial arts, running, rope skipping, tennis, volleyball and walking.
Muscle strengthening: basketball, cleaning, climbing up ropes, cycling, dancing to music, football, gymnastics, pull ups, press ups, rock climbing, rugby, sit ups, swinging on playground climbing frames, tennis and tug of war.

Physical activities should include both vigorous and moderate.
Vigorous is taking part in activities, which require more effort. You can feel out of breath and only able to speak a few words between each breath. 1 minute of vigorous activity is equivalent of 2 minutes of moderate activity. Examples: football, rugby, karate, cycling with speed, energetic dancing (such as hip hop), playing tig/tag, running and swimming.
Moderate is when your heart rate is raised but you can sustain a conversation.
Examples: cycling on a flat ground, a short work, playing in the playground, rollerblading, going on a scooter, skateboarding, taking the dog for a walk and yoga!

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How much physical activity do young children (under 5s) need?
Young children should be active each day. Physical activity helps support growth and healthy development.

Babies: should be active throughout the day. Once a baby can crawl it is good to encourage him or her to be active within safe surroundings. Activities: baby bouncers, baby walkers, crawling, floor play, grasping, moving their arms and legs, playing with others, pulling, pushing, reaching, swimming and tummy time.

Toddlers: those walking about are recommended to be active inside and outside for about 3 hours a day. It can be throughout the whole day and of varying intensities! Activities: ball games, chasing games, climbing, climbing stairs, climbing frames, dancing, exploring nature, gymnastics, hide and seek, hopping, jumping, jumping on a trampoline, moving around, playing, playing outside, playing in water, riding a bike, rolling, running around, standing up, skipping, swimming and walking.

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