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A quick guide to spinning

A quick guide to spinning

• Spinning is a fantastic way to get healthy and fit.
• It can be done in all weather conditions.
• You do not need a helmet.
• You do not need much equipment.
• All you need is sports clothes, a towel and a drink.
• There are a variety of routines and music so it is a varied workout.
• It is a class for all! Beginners and regulars alike!
• Instructors take the classes through warm ups, cool downs, climbs, sprints etc.
• You could burn up to 600 calories in 40 mins in a moderate intensity workout.
• You could do about 15 miles in 40 mins if going at 80-110 RPM.
• Some classes can be an hour long!

A typical class

In a class you can control the bike how you like it. This takes the pressure off if you are new to spinning. You can go at a pace that suits you but you can also increase over time to push yourself further and get fitter and even loose weight. The classes are not about competition. You are stationary and working at your own goals.

Here are some of the things you could get up to in a spinning class:

Seated Flat – here your hands will be in the middle part of the handlebars. This is to copy road rides and is used for warming up and cooling down. A speed you will expect here would be somewhere between 80 and 110 RPM.
Seated Climb – here your hands will be where the handlebars cross your body. The idea here is to use more resistance but also a slower speed of around 60 to 80 RPM.
Standing Flat – here your hands will be where the handlebars cross the body. You will have your body upright and the backs of legs will be touching the seat. Try not rest your body weight on the handlebars. A similar tempo will be expected here, somewhere between 80 and 110 RPM.
Standing Climb – here you will keep wide and forward so that the tips of your thumbs are touching the ends of the handles. You will lean forwards a bit to make max power on the pedals with heavy resistance. Again you tempo here would be somewhere between 60-80 RPM.
Jumps and Lifts – here you will use a combination of standing and sitting. You will place your hands where the handlebars cross your body for a time between 2 to 8 seconds. Here a speed of around 80 to 110 would occur.

The benefits
The list here is endless.

1. It can help to decrease your waistline.
2. It is suitable for all.
3. It can be done anywhere.
4. The person sat next to you motivates you.
5. You can stay in shape 24/7.
6. It is available all across the UK.
7. You can find a suitable pace for you.
8. You can choose your own speed and resistance.
9. You do not need to worry about equipment.
10. You can often join in without signing up for a course.
11. It can be done at home (you would need to buy a bike though).
12. You build up muscle endurance.
13. It burns calories.
14. It can be social.
15. You become stronger.
16. You can reach and share goals with others!
17. It is fun.
18. You are both challenged and rewarded.
19. Your lungs capacity increases.
20. Your instructor can distract you in challenging workouts.
21. You burn calories if you put in the effort!
22. Your heart gets healthier.
23. You get lean and defined muscles.
24. It is cardio and endurance training.
25. It is great for your joints.
26. Your instructor will regularly give feedback.
27. By spinning regularly your body will tone up.
28. There is less pressure on your knees and feet than going running.
29. You get results without the worry of injuries.
30. You will get legs, core muscles and upper body!

Why don’t you benefit too and giving spinning a go today! If you are searching for exercise that will be fun, challenging and inspiring, spinning may be right for you.

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