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8 Famous Sporting Injuries

sporting injuries

Rory Mcllroy is currently out of the 2015 Open due to injury, after totally rupturing his ankle ligament playing football with friends.

The Championship began this week in St Andrews in Scotland without the World Number 1 golfer, and there is rising speculation regarding how long his recovery time could be.

But McIlroy is not the only sporting legend to have suffered injury at a crucial time. Newitts takes a look below at 8 of the worst and most high profile injuries in sport.

David Busst - Coventry City footballer - April 1996

Arguably the most infamous of footballing injuries, Peter Schmeichel, United's goal keeper at the time had to undergo counselling for a number of weeks following the incident. Although the TV stations refrained from showing the full extent of the horrific injury, it became clear that Busst suffered a double compound fracture with the impact causing his cracked fibula bone to pierce the skin. The match had to be delayed for 15 minutes while the blood was cleaned off the pitch at Old Trafford, and Busst never played professionally again.

Glenn McGrath - Australian cricketer - The Ashes July 2005

An injury remembered by millions of cricket fans across the globe, the nation lay in hope, believing that the England cricket team, led by Michael Vaughan, could win the Urn for the first time in nearly 20 years. McGrath played an exceptional game for the Aussies notching up his 500th Test wicket until a stray ball left on the outfield at Edgbaston changed the course of history for the Ashes. McGrath tore lateral ligaments in his right ankle when he stepped on the loose ball and England went on to win an epic Test and reclaim the Ashes.

"Virescit Vulnere Virtus - Courage grows through injury"

Wayne Rooney - Manchester United footballer - August 2012

The horrific wound that ruled Wayne Rooney out of playing football for several weeks and came a millimetre of puncturing the femoral artery in his thigh could have been potentially fatal. Rooney was carried off the field at Old Trafford when Fulham striker Hugo Rodallega's studs sliced a six-inch gash down the inside of his right leg. If his artery had been punctured, if unattended, he could have bled to death in 10 minutes according to medical experts. A few days after the injury, Rooney posted a picture of himself on Twitter wearing a T-shirt displaying the words, 'Virescit Vulnere Virtus’, meaning ‘Courage grows through injury’.

James Blake - American tennis player - May 2004

In May 2004, during a practice in Rome, the highly ranked tennis player crashed into a net post and broke his neck. Six weeks later, his father, Thomas, died from stomach cancer. Days later, Blake, who was just 25 at the time, came down with a debilitating case of shingles, which left half his face paralyzed and his vision blurred. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Blake went on to qualify for the French Open telling journalists that his ordeal gave him a fresh appreciation of his many blessings, and the things in life that really matter.

Alan Smith - Liverpool footballer - February 2006

Described by Sir Alex Ferguson as one of the worst injuries he’s ever seen, Smith broke his left leg and dislocated his ankle after landing awkwardly while blocking a John Arne Riise free-kick. Recognising the severity of his injury, the former Leeds player was given an unexpected ovation by Liverpool fans as he was stretchered off the pitch. Smith was out of action for seven months.

Anil Kumble - Indian cricketer - Antigua Test 2002

India's bowling spearhead Anil Kumble, who took 619 test wickets in test matches, did something in 2002 that made him go down in history as one of the most inspiring cricket players of all time. Hit by a bouncer from Merv Dillon, Kumble fractured his lower jaw - an injury which would have made even the toughest of athletes go home, but instead, he batted on for another 20 minutes, before returning to bowl and dismissing Brian Lara who was considered one of the best batsman in international cricket at the time.

Kieran O'Connoor - Old Northamptonians RFC - March 2013

Kieran O'Conner, a rugby player whose kidney was shattered in four places, suffered injuries 'worse than a 70mph' car crash, according to medical experts. The 22 year old player was accidentally kneed in the back by a rival player, and paramedics were rushed to the ground of the Old Northamtonians RFC after he was left paralysed on the ground whilst the side of his body swelled up. He lost six pints of blood during emergency surgery to remove one of his kidneys and sadly could never play rugby again with only has one kidney remaining.

David Beckham - AC Milan Footballer - March 2010

Beckham's injury in 2010 was described as a, 'desperately sad way to end his World Cup dream'. Snapping his Achilles tendon at the age of 34 whilst playing for his then team, AC Milan, in an Italian series A game, meant that Beckham would not be able to play in the world tournament in South Africa, and instead, saw him out of action for several months. At the time of the incident, Beckham poignantly describes how, when telling his wife Victoria Beckham, she burst out crying uncontrollably, knowing what playing in the 2010 World Cup meant to the star player.


What are the worst sporting injuries you've had or witnessed? 

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