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What is Tag Rugby?

Tag rugby is a non-contact version of rugby that is fast paced and suitable for men, women and children. Tag rugby is used by teams as a training method but is also used for fun. It allows young children to play rugby before contact because it’s safe and enjoyable.

Basic Rules

  • Non contact.
  • When a tag has been made the tackler must hold the tag in the air and shout ‘TAG’.
  • No kicking.
  • When the ball carrier is tagged they must pass the ball within 3 seconds.
  • Competitive teams are made up of 7 players.


Tag Rugby Around The World

  • Tag is used by many teams around the world and national teams to improve elements of their game like passing and spatial awareness. They also use tag rugby to help the players find space when running with the ball and evasive running into spaces.
  • Tag rugby is played all over the world.
  • In 2015 there will be a Tag Rugby World Cup in Australia on the Sunshine Coast.


There are two main variations of tag rugby;


OzTag is a non contact version of rugby league which was introduced back in 1992 by Perry Haddock and Chris Parkes and they took it across Australia introducing to the fields of the country. Today it is played by over 100,000 people in organised leagues across Australia. The games are often played for 40 minutes 20 each half, 8 players allowed on the field at a time, the attacking team is allowed six tags to score and if they don’t score before the sixth tag it’s turned over to the opposition.


Mini Tag

Mini Tag is a game played by under 7’s and under 8’s and has a lot of rugby union traits in it such as an unlimited tackle count (so turnover comes when there is a knock on), when a person is tackled the ball carrier must pass the ball. Mini Tag is the only form of rugby available to under 7’s and under 8’s. In Mini Tag there are no line outs, scrums and kicking.

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