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Rugby Training Aids

Have a scroll through and see the great variety of rugby training aids we have available at today.

The majority of rugby aids are from Centurion. Centurion is a UK based premium Rugby brand that manufacturers most of its goods in the north of England, from fitness training equipment, rugby balls and rugby clothing to tackle bags and shields.

Tackle Bags
Tackle bags in Blue or Yellow and are used during training and warm up in rugby union. Tackle bags are well-padded equipment, which allows players to tackle without another player. The tackle bag stands on the ground held loosely by another person; it allows the tackler to practice a full tackle.
We have a selection of rugby tackle bags in different sizes and weights to suit your individual needs - these include jackal bags, half tackle bags, jumbo, senior, junior and mini tackle bags, foam tackle rings, tackle tubes and tackle dummies. This section covers all of your rugby requirements both on and off the rugby pitch.

e.g. Centurion Tackle Tubes: are moving targets to improve tackling technique with total safety! Roll the tube at speeds and angles to suit all levels for dynamic tackling practice. Chasing a moving target adds footwork, agility, reactions and speed to the training mix, making for game style intensity.
e.g. Centurion Jumbo Tackle Bags: are specially designed for adult use and are the largest and heaviest bags. They are used by many leading professional rugby union and league clubs.
e.g. Centurion Rugby Foam Tackle Rings: can be used as a moving target to help improve correct tackling technique for children with total safety. Roll the tube at speeds and angles to suit all levels for dynamic tackling practice. Can be tackled from front on, side on and behind. They are Fun and Safe to use.

Tackle Shields/Pads
We stock a wide selection of tackle shields to suit all rugby player levels. A rugby tackle shield or rucking shield allows the tackler to drive against the person holding the shield. Our range includes foam tackle rings, rucking shields, maori shields, tackle tech jammer pads, dominant contact shields, contact pads and wrap around shields. We have all sizes for all levels.

  • Contact Pads, also known as Hit Shields are used for rugby impact training.
  • Rucking Shields, to improve your teams rucking and breakdown play.
  • Tackle Wedges, to give confidence in improving tackle skills.

 You name it….we have it!

 e.g. Centurion Rucking Shield Senior Club is the ideal choice for clubs and schools this shield has a protruding wedge at the top of the shield preventing the tackling players head or arms from sliding above the hit shield and making contact with the player holding the tackling aid during training sessions.
e.g. Centurion Tackle Tech Shield is designed specifically and uniquely for the development of correct tackling technique. These aid in training players to improve their ability to develop a good solid powerful body positioning when making tackles, producing a tackling technique that is strong, powerful, effective and efficient and also safe.

e.g. Centurion Rugby Pro Rebound Net is a double sided rebounder that is ideal for mastering your rugby skills. Improve your catch with Centurion Rebound Net.
e.g. Centurion Catchpad. With the need for jumping and maintaining as long as possible in the air for catching balls in game situations, this pad will help improve players technique and hang time.
e.g. Centurion Multi Jump Trainer. Perfect for all ages the fully adjustable and can help you add height and power into your jumps for during matches when gaining an advantage over your opponents could win you the game. It is suitable for various exercises e.g. side jumps, bunny jumps, jogging and stepping.
e.g. Centurion Speed Agility Steps are a set of cones and poles which can be set out in many different ways to suit the required drills, these versatile speed ladders are great for the introduction of speed mechanics to junior athletes and advanced plyometric and agility skills of the more conditioned athlete.

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