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What is it? 

Zumba is a type of exercise, which was created by a Colombian dancer and cyclist Alberto Perez during the 1990s.

Zumba is all about aerobic and dance movements, which are carried out at the same time as really energetic music. The choreography for Zumba includes a variety of different music styles.It is believed that in the UK around 15 million people take part in a Zumba class per week. This happens in over 200,000 locations and across a whopping 180 countries! It is becoming more and more popular! 

Tell me more?

Zumba is a combination of aerobic movements done to upbeat music tempos. This combination enables your body to have a full workout. It is exercise great for your cardiovascular system. You will do moves from all different types of dance styles (belly-dancing, hip-hop, martial arts, Latin, dance, pop etc.) so no two workouts are the same.
By having such a great variety of styles, Zumba exercise is exciting as you take part in rhythmical routines that are varied and fun. Many people say Zumba is more like attending a disco inside a gym. It is a hugely engaging physical activity and more and more people are signing up to take part in it.
Zumba has become so very popular and many people saying it is like going to a party than for an exercise class. If you are not so keen on exercise yourself, perhaps giving Zumba a try may be worth it!

Why would it be good for my health?

Zumba has a number of health benefits. There is a mixture of slow and fast exercises, which means that your body is never doing the same repetitive rhythm that other exercises/sports seem to portray. 
Repetitive exercise soon leads your fitness and weight loss to reach a standstill but with Zumba, as the exercise is so greatly varied, your body never reaches that point. You just keeping on improving your fitness each time you go along.

Another few reasons why Zumba would be great for you is that it:

  • Helps to improve your coordination
  • Helps with weight loss
  • It is social and you can meet new people
  • It is an aerobic workout
  • It is a cardiovascular workout
  • It is great for your mental health 

Zumba is a fun way to work up a sweat. It is instructor led but with all the dance steps focusing on hip movements and step counts, you soon start burning the calories and are just as busy at the instructor. It is believed that if you do Zumba on a regular basis and do around a 40-minute class, you can burn up to 400 calories. It is a great way to get that extra food burnt off whilst having a fun!
As Zumba increases your heart rate for quite a long period of time it can be seen as a moderately intense exercise comparable to doing kickboxing or aerobics with steps. 

What do I need for Zumba? 

Zumba classes are usually around £5 an hour – obviously it depends on where you are and how long you are doing it. To see the benefits of Zumba it would be better to do a block of sessions to see the results over a period of time – it will probably work out as better value for money too.
You will need to wear supportive trainers that can take on the impact of the Zumba routines. You will be using your ankles, knees and hips a lot so cushioning is important. You will also need a top and leggings/trousers. Many like to wear loose clothes to enable freedom of movement when dancing away.

Why is everyone raving about Zumba?

Zumba has been an exercise, which is hugely popular for those of us who tend to avoid exercise.
It’s a great exercise for those with health problems such as type-2 diabetes and being overweight.
As the classes are seen as fun and appealing, a lot of participants go on a regular basis and this is quite unusual for exercise programmes. People go, have fun, make friends and say it doesn’t seem like such hard work! Most people tend to lose interest after a few sessions of just a regular exercise class.
Zumba is seen as a workout in disguise. It helps you improve both your physical and mental health. You get your hips moving, you use your stomach muscles and improve your abdominal strength and even get better balance! Zumba can help you to boost your self-esteem too!
It is an activity, which is confidence boosting and mood lifting. Moving around to dance beats with friends can help you to feel less self-conscious about your body and can make you feel less anxious.
Zumba is attractive to those of us who cannot go out and run or who cannot do high intensity workouts (and of course for those of us who do not want to either!). Even if you do not put as much as effort in as the instructor, you can still improve your cardiovascular health, which is such a vital part of having a healthy lifestyle.
Zumba can help lower the risks of having a fall, as it is good for balance and coordination.
Although Zumba is never going to be as effective as a high-intensity training workout or something like Cross Fit, it is still hugely beneficial and I hope this blog has shown some of the reasons why. 

What do you think about Zumba?


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