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Next Day Delivery Available At Checkout!

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Printing and Embroidery

Newitts now offer a printing and embroidery service. Please note all of the prices below are in addition to the cost of the garment which is advertised on the website.

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Ping Pong

<p>Table tennis/ Ping pong is fun and competitive sport that you can spend your time enjoying as an individual, a pair, as part of team or even at home with your family!</p>

Abs Workouts

<p>Abdominal muscles, or &lsquo;Abs&rsquo; are part of our core muscle group. Our core muscles play a huge part in our day-to-day life.&nbsp;</p>

Plyometric Training

<p>Plyometrics are a fun and effective variation to a daily strength training workouts. Plyometrics is all about jumping and used to be called &apos;jump training&apos;.</p>

8 Reasons to go for a run TODAY!

<p>The New Year has started and many of us are thinking it is time to engage</p>

Getting Fit 2020

<p>It may not seem appealing to start exercising in the winter months but exercise really benefits you in many ways &ndash; not just physically! Exercising can boost your mental and physical health. You may find that you soon look forward to exercising!</p>

How can you stay fit this winter?

<p>Given that exercising in winter seems to be a less popular activity, here at Newitts we have compiled a list of sport and fitness equipment that you can use at home to keep you and your family moving and get some physical activity without having to leave the house.</p>


<p>Lacrosse is a competitive sport and often seen as the fastest game on two feet. It is a dynamic sport, with requires skill, speed and strength. The object of the game is to use a stick with a net on the end to catch, carry, and pass a ball...</p>

What would be a good Netball post for at home?

<p>At Newitts.com you can shop with confidence when searching for the right netball post for you!</p>

Which Swimming aids are best?

<p>Water safety is one of the most important skills that children learn. By learning how to swim and feel comfortable and safe in the water, swimming aids are great tools to help you along the way.</p>

What Is Soft Play?

<p>Soft play areas can be created in all sorts of environments such as schools, parties, homes, gyms etc. They are a great way to stimulate children either through active activities or calming sensory equipment..</p>

Which Football Goal Should I Get For My Garden?

<p>Today we are going to have a look at which goal would work well in your back garden.</p>


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