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Popular and Unusual Sports in the UK

Have you ever given much thought as to which sports are popular in the UK?
Here are some of the UK favourites:

1. Football: with 100s of traditional league teams, a number of premier league teams and a mega number of fans, football is one of the leading popular sports.
2. Cricket: is the UK’s national game but is also played in a number of countries across the world.
3. Rugby: originally was a sport for the elite but over time has become increasingly popular across the country.
4. Badminton: that was a surprise but it is believed to be even more popular than tennis!
5. Tennis: does Wimbledon ring any bells?
6. Swimming: a great one for all and is popular across all the ages.
7. Athletics
8. Rowing

What about some of the more unusual and obscure sports we have here in the UK?
Here are some listed below:

1. Tin Bath Racing: this competition takes place each year on the Isle of Man. To win you need to finish the course or need to get as far as possible without sinking!
2. Cheese Rolling: this competition takes place annually in Gloucestershire. A double Gloucester cheese is rolled down a hill called Cooper’s Hill. Those taking part have to chase it down the hill and catch up with it. To win you need to be the first over the finish line. You win the cheese as your prize. It is not as straightforward as it sounds. The cheese is heavy and goes extremely fast!
3. Welly Wanging: also known as a ‘welly toss’. This competition takes place annually in Upperthong. Simply all you need to do is to throw a welly as far as possible within boundary lines. The welly can be thrown under or over arm. You can throw from standing or have a running start.
4. Caber Toss: this takes place in the Highlands. The idea is to through/toss the caber so that it turns end over end. A caber is usually made from a Larch tree. It is usually around 6m tall and weighs 79KG!
5. Bog Snorkelling: possibly the most bizarre on the list. This competition takes place annually in wales. Here you have to work your way through 120 yards of cold, dark, smelly water with your flippers and snorkel. You are allowed to wear a wetsuit too though. Some of the braver amongst us have been known to wear fancy dress! You must not use a conventional swimming stroke!

Whether popular, unpopular or unusual, it is really important to make sport part of your life. It keeps you young, it makes you feel good and it is great for your physical and mental health!

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