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What is Tchoukball?

Tchouckball is quite a new sport that came about in the late 1960s. It is seen as a combination of handball and volleyball. It is the fastest handball sport in the world.

What’s it all about?
It is a team sport that has two rebounding nets called frames.
The frames are at each end of the court.
There is also a forbidden area in front of the frame which is known as the D.
The standard court is 17m by 30m.
Players can defend and attack at both ends of the court.
There are 10 players on each side.
Players are given an attack or defence position but can do either.
Players can be shooters, defenders or a centre.
The aim is to shoot the ball at the frame so that it lands over the line of the D.
The opposing team tries to catch the ball and prevent the other team from scoring and then try to score for themselves.
You have 3 seconds with the ball. 3 steps with the ball. 3 passes with the ball before a shot must be made.
Tchouckball is non-contact so you cannot tackle.
The ball switches over to the other team when a defending player catches it or if the ball is dropped.
For shooting you must jump outside the forbidden area and release before you land back down again.
The defending team can stand around the line near the net to protect the frame
To score the player must be sure that the ball lands outside the D after hitting the frame.
If the ball lands inside inside, the defending team get the point.

Tchouckball - a sport for all?
As with any relatively new sport, it takes time to be recognised. Players in Britain have been playing in international tournaments for years.

Tchouckball UK set up a World Tournament in 2002, which is the largest international competition to date.

It is a sport for all, both men and women have squads that play internationally and have regular coaching.
There has also been hard work and progress made in the U16 group which bodes well for the future of the game.

One of Tchoukball UK’s biggest targets is schools to try and get the game as part of the regular curriculum. It is a great sport for team play and can be played through primary and secondary too. It is hoped that the influence in schools will build the popularity in higher education too.

Not a great deal is required!
Nets: Tchoukball is a 2-ended game so 2 frames are needed. They are strong rebound nets designed for a tchoukball thrown at high speed from close ranges.
Balls: The ball with a fixed weight for throwing at the frame. Too heavy balls could damage the net.
Knee pads: protect the knees from impact when defending. High level players should wear pads on their elbows to be protected if diving for the ball.

At we have a high quality and hard wearing Sure Shot Tchouckball, which offers a soft feel with high grip. It is constructed from stitched panels with an inner rubber bladder.

Have you had a go at Tchouckball?

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