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7 reasons why you should give boxing a go today!

It is a strength and cardio workout in one with loads of great benefits. Boxing works out your whole body. It will improve your general fitness and also help to improve your agility, balance, coordination and reactions. You will work out your back, core, shoulders and legs. Traditional cardio focuses on your lower body so boxing is an added bonus with the upper body workout too.

Boxing can include high intensity interval training. It is both aerobic and anaerobic. As your workout intensity increases, your body needs more energy and you will work extra hard whilst increasing metabolism, power, strength and speed. Boxing matches other high intensity cardio such as running. Bursts of activity with shorter rest periods are a great fat burner.

If you are feeling a bit worked up, boxing is a great way to calm yourself down. You can release some stress by boxing. As you box you release adrenaline and this helps you to let off stress in a healthy way. You will also release endorphins that will make you feel more positive. Boxing increases the level of endorphins in your body, which can help lower stress.  When you are busy boxing, you have little time to think about your other troubles and stresses in your life. It is also a great feeling to take your stress out on a punching bag.

By improving your coordination through boxing, you will perform better in any type of work out that you do. Punching requires focused movements and works both your mind and muscles. Hand eye coordination is also very important in boxing. Good hand-eye coordination leads to quicker reflexes and reactions. This is helpful as you age, where coordination can become more challenging. During boxing you must be able to see, react and hit the target whilst the target is moving and changing position. Once you get the hang of it, your coordination will improve significantly.

Boxing keeps you on your toes. You are using metal power to stay focussed. There is always something new to learn which can keep you motivated and your body will keep improving. It is a physically challenging workout, especially to keep the your stamina going throughout. Boxing is a fantastic way to improve your body because it uses both muscle-building moves and calorie burning cardio. By boxing regularly you will soon see changes and improvements in your shape.

Cardio is so important to help prevent heart disease, burn calories and loose weight. The aim of cardio is to challenge your heart and lungs so that they can support a high level of physical exercise. One great way to keep your heart rate up is to box.

Boxing requires a lot of strength and bags alone are heavy! During your workout you may kick and punch a bag hundreds of times and so you will be using your upper and lower body as well as your core.


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