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How to get your kids out of the house.

Parents can often feel worried that their children will spend a lot of time watching the TV, using their phones, gaming and can be rather lazy.

Although using technology has a number of benefits, it is important to switch off from time to time and focus on some fitness. Fitness can be fun and activities can be done at and around home!

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How much physical activity do children need?

From around 5 years old and up to about 18 years old, children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Children should take part in activities, which allow them to strengthen their bones and muscles. This leads to to healthy growth and development.

Bone strengthening: aerobics, basketball, vigorous da... read full article

Ping Pong

8 reasons to try table tennis or ping pong!

Table tennis/ Ping pong is fun and competitive sport that you can spend your time enjoying as an individual, a pair, as part of team or even at home with your family!

It also offers surprisingly quite a number of health benefits. Physical and mental health ... read full article

Abs Workouts

A quick guide to our abs!

Abdominal muscles, or ‘Abs’ are part of our core muscle group. Our core muscles play a huge part in our day-to-day life. Things that we do not even think about such as getting out of bed, walking down the road, bending to pick something up – all involve using ou... read full article

Plyometric Training

An introduction into to plyometric training

What is it?
Plyometrics are a fun and effective variation to a daily strength training workouts. Plyometrics is all about jumping and used to be called 'jump training'. Plyom... read full article

8 Reasons to go for a run TODAY!

The New Year has started and many of us are thinking it is time to engage in some physical activity after all the indulging during the festive period. On this page we have compiled some reasons why you should choose running as your physical activity.

1. To start with, quite simply, running improves your general and physical health. It is good for y... read full article

Getting Fit 2020

Start simply

You don’t have to do everything at once. If you do, you may find you loose interest in exercising very quickly. If you start simply, you are more likely to enjoy yourself and also keep yourself safe by preventing injury. If you are trying something new, take it slow and let your body g... read full article

How can you stay fit this winter?

It can be difficult to get and stay fit during the colder months, especially with the darker nights and the colder weather. We often have to search hard for the motivation to get out of the house and get going. Often, even going out to an exercise class or for a run seems less attractive during the darker days.

Given that exercising in winter seems t... read full article


Quick info

Lacrosse is a competitive sport and often seen as the fastest game on two feet. It is a dynamic sport, with requires skill, speed and strength. The object of the game is to use a stick with a net on the end to catch, carry, and pass a ball. You can also run with both the stick and ball. The ball is a ... read full article

What would be a good Netball post for at home?

At you can shop with confidence when searching for the right netball post for you!

There are different types of posts that you can get for your school, club or garden.
The type of post depends on the version of the game that is being played:
Freestanding netball posts can be used fo... read full article

Printing and Embroidery

Printing and Embroidery

Newitts now offer a printing and embroidery service. Please note all of the prices below are in addition to the cost of the garment which is advertised on the website.

Please note we can only offer our printing and embroidery service for orders of 15 garments or more.

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Which Swimming aids are best?

Water safety is one of the most important skills that children learn. By learning how to swim and feel comfortable and safe in the water, swimming aids are great tools to help you along the way.

There is no shortage of different types of swimming aids for children and we have a huge range available at We also stock a huge variety of fi... read full article

What Is Soft Play?

Soft play refers to activities that stimulate our senses, such as our balance, awareness of our bodies and also our surroundings.

Soft play areas can be created in all sorts of environments such as schools, parties, homes, gyms etc… They are a great way to stimulate children either through active activities or calming sensory equipment.

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Which Football Goal Should I Get For My Garden?

At we sell a large range of Football Posts including regular full size goal posts to pop-up football goal posts, plus junior size goal posts, five a side goal posts, mini goal posts, samba goal posts, futsal goal posts, nine a side goal posts and of course goal posts for the garden!

Today we are going to have a look at... read full article

What Is The Best Water Bottle

A firm favourite and great value water bottle at is the ZILAND HYBRID WATER BOTTLE. It is an easy-squeeze 1-litre water bottle designed for ultimate hygiene. The bottle does not require mouth contact with the nozzle, which reduces the risk of any unhygienic i... read full article


We are going to have a quick look at racquetball here. Many people choose more common racquet sports over racquetball. A lot of people think that racquetball will be difficult to learn or fear that they will get hit but in fact racquetball is one of the easiest racket sports to learn. The ball is big, the racquet is big and you can hit the ball pretty much ... read full article

What is Tchoukball?

Tchouckball is quite a new sport that came about in the late 1960s. It is seen as a combination of handball and volleyball. It is the fastest handball sport in the world.

What’s it all about?
It is a team sport that has two rebounding nets called frames.
The frames are at each end of the court.
There is also a forbidden area in front of the ... read full article

Rugby Training Aids

Have a scroll through and see the great variety of rugby training aids we have available at today.

The majority of rugby aids are from Centurion. Centurion is a UK based premium Rugby brand that manufacturers most of its goods in the north of England, from fitness training equipment, rugby balls and rugby clothing to tackle bags and shields.<... read full article

Why Should I try Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a low impact exercise that both increases your endurance and strengthens your muscles. It can be great fun and you can challenge yourself. It is an exercise for all.

What happens?

A class is normally an hour. A teacher will get you to follow moves, which are of... read full article

How to mark out a pitch

There are many different ways that you can create/lay out your pitch at a range of affordable prices.

e.g. Fleet Pitchmarker B Line Marking Paint is a durable paint concentrate ideal for use with transfer wheel line marking machines. Fleet line marking paint combin... read full article

Sports Day

With the increasing amount of obesity in children by the time that they are leaving primary school, there is a great need to promote all types of sport at school. Sport really needs to be prioritised before the situation deteriorates anymore. One way to do this would be to promote and involve and train all school children up for Sports Day, which is a popular annual event across ... read full article

Football Training Aids

As our lifestyles are becoming more and more sedentary and more inundated with technology, a great number of us are probably not getting enough activity per week or per day even! This blog includes information about football training aids that you can get to get for you, your team or even your little footballers to get you all more active and to fine-tune you skills.<... read full article


Dodgeball is a fast and furious game where two teams throw balls at each other while trying to avoid being hit themselves.

The objective of dodgeball is to eliminate all players of the opposing team by throwing one of up to six game balls and hitting the opposing player below the shoulder height.

A player is out if:
• They throw a ball that is caugh... read full article

Types of Gymnastic Mats

A gymnastic mat is one of the most important gymnastic accessories. It is a really useful to be able to practise rolls, handstands etc. safely. They also provide comfort and a safe environment for people who are training. They are great for physical play and also for a gymnastic workout.

At Newitts we sell a full range of Beemat School Gymnastic and tumbling ... read full article

What Rounders Stick Should I Buy

At we sell a variety of different rounders sticks. When looking for which stick to buy, customers often wonder whether to get a metal or wooden stick. On this page you will find information about the different types of rounders sticks there are out there and which may be most suitable for you and your team’s needs.

You will of... read full article

A brief introduction to golf

A bit of history …

Today’s golf game came in 15th century in Scotland
The 18-hole course was created at ‘The Old Course’ in Saint Andrews in 1764!
The first and oldest golf tournament to exist is ‘The Open Championship’ (also know as the British Open). It was first played in 1860 in Ayrshire, also Scotland.... read full article

Popular and Unusual Sports in the UK

Have you ever given much thought as to which sports are popular in the UK?
Here are some of the UK favourites:

1. Football: with 100s of traditional league teams, a number of premier league teams and a mega number of fans, football is one of the leading popular sports.
2. Cricket: is the UK’s national game but is also played in a ... read full article

How to reach the recommended 10,000 steps a day

It is recognised across the UK by a number of health authorities that we should try and walk around 10,000 steps a day. In reality the average person only does 3000-4000 steps.

Walking has a number of great benefits for your health. It can give you a real boost and make you feel great inside and out. Besides, being inactive risks your h... read full article


A brief overview

Trampolining is a popular competitive, Olympic and recreational sport. In competitions, men and women compete separately. Trampoline routines can be done as an individual or in pairs.

You are normally required to act out a range of acrobatic sequences / routines whilst jumping on the trampoline. The jumps could be in a ‘straight, pike, ... read full article

The Benefits of Swimming

Swimming has a huge number of benefits and no matter how fit you are, you can easily start swimming to a level suited to your needs.
Going to the pool can help strengthen your muscles, get your heart pumping and even make you feel and look younger!
Experts say we need 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. Have you considered adding 30-minute swim to you... read full article

New Year! New You!

Start simply
You don’t have to do everything at once. If you do, you may find you loose interest in exercising very quickly. If you start simply, you are more likely to enjoy yourself and also keep yourself safe by preventing injury. If you are trying something new, take it slow and let your body get used to what you are asking it to do. Remember you do not need ... read full article

How to start a MyZone MZ3 Challenge between your friends

A MYZONE belt is a new innovative heart rate-based system. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. It makes everyone on a even level playing field. 

Step 1
– Get yourself a read full article

7 reasons why you should give boxing a go today!

It is a strength and cardio workout in one with loads of great benefits. Boxing works out your whole body. It will improve your general fitness and also help to improve your agility, balance, coordination and reactions. You will work out your back, core, shoulders and legs. Traditional cardio focuses on your lower body so boxing is an added bonus wi... read full article

8 Exercises For Weight Loss

To loose weight by exercising you will need both time and effort. If time is an issue, it may be good to choose a great calorie burning exercise.
Exercise is really good for you and can help you to both loose weight and shape up. It makes you feel good and can extend your life. A common pitful though is that people over eat when exercising. You need to burn... read full article

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise is both good for you and your baby and it is thought that exercise during pregnancy will help with late pregnancy and labour. Exercise during pregnancy is a great way to get used to gaining weigh in pregnancy and how your body changes shape.

Exercise also will prepare you for when labour comes and getting your figure back after having your baby. Yo... read full article

Joining a gym

Gyms have many benefits. They often have the latest fitness machines and equipment. They can be social and they can help you to achieve your fitness goals. However they can be a costly outgoing in your monthly budget. If you go frequently, however it can be money well spent. It is worth having a look and asking about a couple of gyms in your area. You should undergo a trial se... read full article

Walk your way to better health!

Listed below are some of the top reasons why you should consider adding a walk into your daily routine.

1. Walking with your friends and family can be sociable and fun.
2. Walking helps you to maintain and also improve your overall health – as long as you do it regularly, say 30 minutes most days of the week.
3. Walking can improve your cardi... read full article

A Half Marathon

Half marathons are becoming more and more popular and there are events most weekends across the UK. If you are looking for a challenge it might be something for you, especially if you have already tried a 5k or even 10k. A half marathon tends to be the next step after a 10k. To get to 13.1 miles would be a real achievement but it would not be so far that the training would ... read full article

Speedo Swimming aids for children

On this blog we have compiled a list of fantastic swimming aids, which are part of the Speedo ® Learn to Swim Range. These products have been designed to encourage your little ones to swim and to love it. They make up part of 3 stages of swimming, from children new to swimming to those swimming without help.

You can be assured that when you use ... read full article

A quick guide to spinning

A quick guide to spinning

• Spinning is a fantastic way to get healthy and fit.
• It can be done in all weather conditions.
• You do not need a helmet.
• You do not need much equipment.
• All you need is sports clothes, a towel and a drink.
• There are a variety of routines and music so it is a varied ... read full article

Working out with a gym ball

By using a gym ball regularly, you can make your whole body stronger! Gym balls really focus on instability and by adding one to your gym work out; it makes you use all of your muscles to remain stable! You have to work really hard to keep your balance! Gym balls can also improve your posture and will keep on improving your fitness goals.

Key points
... read full article


An introduction 

There are two types of volleyball games:
1. A 6-a-side indoor game
2. Beach volleyball played in pairs

Beach volleyball came about in the Olympics in 1996 and tends to be the most popular: probably because of all the sunshine that comes along with it!
Both types of game... read full article

Things to do on the beach!

A beach is a popular destination for a holiday during the summer. Beaches are a great wait to burn of some steam and get some of the all important physical activity ticked off.
Beach holidays can be a super family destination and even more fun if you are prepared. Of course, sand and water are both something that make children want to play and a lot of physic... read full article

45 Activities For Kids To Enjoy Over The Summer

With the holidays fast approaching, it is worth having a think about what activities you can busy your kids with so that they are not always glued to their technology or cooped up indoors everyday.

Although many households love to use technology it is important to switch off from time to time and focus on some fitness. Fitness can b... read full article

A Brief Introduction To Triathlons

What is a triathlon?

A triathlon is an event combining 3 sports. These are swimming, cycling and running and are done in that order. The distances of these 3 sports vary. The most common ones you can find are:

Aerobic Activity

Being aerobically active has many benefits: it lowers your blood pressure and increases good cholesterol. It even helps you to look better and feel better. Aerobic activity is also the way to burn lots of calories when you exercise. By burning calories, you will lose fat. So if weight loss is what you are looking for then it is important to have aerobic activity in your exe... read full article


A kettlebell workout is a really accessible physical activity and it is one that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Kettlebells are ideal for a quick workout when you do not have much spare time. You can also do a workout to music or in front of the TV at home.  

A great positive of kettlebells is that you do not need a big range of them to workout a... read full article

All about Strength Training

This is page is a brief introduction to strength training and the types of equipment that is available to you here online at 

To begin with: strength training is physical exercise that uses resistance to try and build strength, endurance and muscles! 

Strength training is part of a balanced routine that includes aerobic activity also.... read full article

A Guide To Squash

A bit of history

Squash is a very fast game that needs speed, skill and a relatively good level of fitness. The squash ball can get to speeds of 170mph! It is a high intensity sport and players can burn over 1000 calories an hour! That is one of the most calorie burning sports out ther... read full article

A Quick History Of Ping-Pong

  • Table Tennis came about in the 1880s when lawn tennis players wanted to play indoors in the winter and so they adapted their game. 
  • Table Tennis is also known as Ping-Pong. The name Ping-Pong was invented by an English firm J.Jaques & Son at the end of the 1800s and was trademarked by Park Brothers (a US boar... read full article


What is it? 

Zumba is a type of exercise, which was created by a Colombian dancer and cyclist Alberto Perez during the 1990s.

Zumba is all about aerobic and dance movements, which are carried out at the same time as really energetic music. The c... read full article

A Guide From Couch To 5k

A Guide From Couch To 5k
The thought of running can fill many of us full of fear and dread, especially if we are not in good shape or are unfit. Current guidelines are encouraging us to try and work on the Couch to 5K. The aim of this is to work up to running 5 kilometres in approximately 10 weeks.

So w... read full article

10 Reasons To Go For A Swim!

Whether you are a keen sport enthusiast or like a little bit of gentle exercise now and then, swimming is a sport suitable for all.

Swimming has a huge number of benefits and no matter how fit you are, you can easily start swimming to a level suited to your needs. Going to the pool can help strengthen your muscles, get your heart pumping and even make you feel... read full article

Sports Equipment For Children

As our lifestyles are becoming more and more sedentary and more inundated with technology, a lot of us are probably not getting enough activity per week or per day even! This blog includes information about gear you can get to get your little ones more active. A lot of the activities they can do individually, which can help provide entertainment and d... read full article

Ways to kick start the New Year from the comfort of your home

We are all know this time of the year.  Too many mince pies and good food and the dreaded time to think about shaping up. 

This blog is aimed to give you seven starting ideas to get you moving in the New Year but all from the comfort of your home.

Idea 1: Work out DVD

Pu... read full article

5 of the best gymnastic gifts this Christmas

Are you struggling to think of what to get someone in your family this Christmas? 

Have you considered shopping for some gymnastics gear? We have a great selection at,
which may be popular for the whole household during the festive break... and afterwards of course!

Below we have listed ... read full article

Tyres - An Alternative Workout

Have you ever considered adding tyres to your workout routine?


Exercising using a tyre can help add size, speed and strength to your body. 
Although a simple piece of equipment, tyres can offer you a wide variety of power workouts. 

What weight should I be using?... read full article

History of Gymnastics

Gymnastics Timeline

Ancient Civilization

  • Gymnastics are believed to have come about from the Ancient Greeks.
  • Back then they were a combination of acrobatic and strength activities.
  • The Ancient Greeks would take part in activities such... read full article

An introduction to Ballet

An introduction to Ballet

Ballet is a popular and versatile dance activity, which enables the participant to work on many skills such as their coordination, flexibility, posture and strength.

Ballet is believed to have come about in around the 15th century and since then the musical ideas and structures have n... read full article

Keeping kids active this summer

With being well into the second week of the school holidays, parents can often feel worried that their children will spend a large part of their summer watching the TV, using their phones, gaming and will have a rather inactive and sedentary summer holiday.

Although many households love to use technology it is important to switch off from time to time and ... read full article

What size football goal should I go for?

What size football goal should I go for?


The size of football goal that you choose for your football games and matches is a very important decision to make. There are several different football goal sizes to choose between so it is worth checking that your goal compiles with the Football Association (FA) rules.


The sizes of goals vary according to the age of the players and also the number of pla... read full article

Pilates vs. Yoga - which one is best for you?

Pilates vs. Yoga - which one is best for you?

Pilates and Yoga are often classed together but in fact are quite different workouts. In this blog we will start off by having a look at Pilates and Yoga individually. We will then see what differences there are between the two and then see which one you may be suited to.


read full article

History of Nike

Nike has been a leader in the fitness industry for a number of decades now and the company has had an immense amount of success during this time! We are going to have a look at some of the greatest achievements in Nike’s history here.


The forefront founders: Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman.

American entrepreneur Phi... read full article

How to get into running

How to get into running

In this blog we are going to look at the benefits of running, how to start running, common questions and we will tell you all that you need to know to get on track to a more active you!


Running can change ... read full article

How to start a Sunday League Football Team

Sunday League Football is hugely popular across the whole of the UK and many people search online about how to get involved. On this page we are going to have a look at what you need to do to set up your own Sunday league football team. We will see what and whom you need for your team as well as the possible costs involved.

Setting up a football team may seem like a prett... read full article

The benefits of teaching children to swim

Being able to swim is considered an essential life skill . The benefits of becoming a proficient swimmer are endless, not to mention the safety aspects.

 Learn to Swim Sea Squad mask and armbands

It is recommended that children learn to swim as early as possible. Speedo has introduced its Sea Squad range which is ideal for helping introduce children to the water in a f... read full article

How to choose the right dog whistle for you

We at are firm advocates of dog whistles and are going to show you why on this page. We will explain how dog whistles work, how you can use them with your furry-friend and what types of whistles you can find online.

Dog training

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of whistle training, let’s start at the beginning and take a look as ... read full article

5 ways to introduce your child to tennis

The Davis Cup begins next week and serves as a great inspiration to young tennis players. In 2015, Great Britain won the Davis Cup for the first time since 1936 after Andy Murray beat Belgium's David Gloffin to clinch the title.

This week, it has been revealed that Andy Murray may not take part in Davis Cup tournament in Ottawa. Following his shock exit from ... read full article

7 health benefits to squash in schools

In 2016, the county of Essex was praised by the Sports Minister for being the only county in the country to include squash in its annual Schools Games event.

The popularity of squash is continuously growing, thanks to coaching programmes provided by bodies such as Off The Wall Squash Academy in Essex, and the government is actively encouraging other academies to foll... read full article

5 reasons England could win the next ODI Series

Cricket Batsman

The England cricket team are currently away in India for the ODI Series, which began on Sunday.

After starting confidently with their first warm-up victory, the 'Tourists' are in a strong position going into the tournament, but can they lead the team to victory?

Newitts takes a look at the current position of the England cricket team and con... read full article

Swimming Strokes for Fitness and Weight Loss

Man swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises for keeping fit and it can also help you to lose weight. There a number of different swimming strokes which all work different areas of the body, therefore it is important to recognise the mechanics of each one to determine which is best suited to your training regime.

Below, Newitts takes a look at the four diff... read full article

Guide to Squash Rackets

Choosing the right squash racket will affect your performance on the squash court, so it's essential to make the right choice.

Squash Rackets

Newitts sells a wide range of squash rackets to suit all abilities, so whether you are a beginner squash player or a more advan... read full article

A guide to hockey shoes

Hockey Shoes

Whether you're out on the hockey field or playing indoor hockey, finding the right hockey shoes to protect your feet while playing is essential.

There are multiple types of hockey shoes available to choose from to include, cleats, turf shoes and specialist hockey shoes. The trick is to learn how to buy t... read full article

Netball Drills for Juniors

Whether you are a beginner netball player or you've been practising netball for a number of years, in order to improve your game it is essential to practice regularly.

Juniors playing netball

One of the elements to becoming a good netball player is to embrace new skills and learn how to critique them. There are netball drills for every aspect of the sport from shoo... read full article

A Guide to Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

If you're just starting out in boxing, the first piece of boxing equipment you'll need to buy is a set of boxing gloves.

Before you invest in any type of boxing gear, always speak to your instructor for recommendations. ... read full article

The history of netball

History of netball

Netball started out as a form of basketball before it evolved into the game we know today. The history of netball stems right back to 1891, where it evolved originally from the game of basketball.
From the first game in England in 1895, to the inclusion in the Commonwealth Games 103 years later, through to the instigation of Fast Net in 2008 and Fast5 i... read full article

Off-season training in cricket

The cricket season is currently taking a hiatus and many amateur cricket players may be enjoying a well-earned break, but Newitts is here to remind players it's not time to sit on your laurels just yet!

Cricket nets

Certainly, the cricket season can be very demanding. It's busy, and long, and it demands high physical and mental commitment if players are to survi... read full article

6 benefits of netball for kids

Netball bibs and ball

Obesity in children has become an increasing problem, and has highlighted more than ever the fact that our children's health and fitness should be a top priority.

Active children are more likely to remain active later in life, but sport is not just offered to children to stay fit, there are so many other positive aspects.

Studies have pr... read full article

A guide to buying a trampoline


Children and families can get so much out of a trampoline. It provides hours of instant ready-made fun, a chance for children and adults to improve on fitness levels, and it can also improve motor skills, teamwork skills and build on confidence.
Before purchasing a trampoline, there are a few key things to consider. Below Newitts offers a complete guide to buyi... read full article

Women and weight training

Weight training has become an important part of a work-out, and these days it's not just reserved for men. An increasing number of women are investing in weight training in a bid to improve their overall fitness.

Weight Training Woman

If you feel intimidated by a typical weights room in a gym, there's now a new solution which is increasing in popularity... read full article

A guide to badminton rackets

Choosing the right badminton racket for you is a personal process, nobody can tell you which is the right racket to choose, you have to spend time testing a variety of rackets before you find the perfect match.

Badminton shuttlecock

As your badminton experience grows, you'll find it easier to choose the right badminton racket as you'll have developed a feel... read full article

A Guide to Track and Field

Track and Field

The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio continues and following last weekend's 'Super Saturday' which saw Britain's Mo Farrah win his third Olympic gold medal in the 10,000 metre sprint, Jessica Ennis-Hill win a silver medal for the Heptathlon and Greg Rutherford win a bronze medal for long jump, the British world of track and field is currently in gr... read full article

A Guide to Olympic Boxing

Boxing Gloves

Boxing is currently in full swing at the Rio Olympics 2016. Below Newitts takes a look at the changes boxing has made over the last 4 years since London 2012, and provides a short guide to boxing at this year's Olympics. 

Boxing as an Olympic Sport

Boxing has been an Olympic sport since 1904. In 1941, the International Box... read full article

Clothing at the Olympic Games

1896 mens 100 metre sprint athens

Olympic clothing has changed a great deal since the very first Olympic Games took place in Athens in 1896.  Over the decades, sportswear design has been adapted to suit the many different varieties of clothing we see on athletes today.

The most dramatic changes have occurred in women's sports clothing... read full article

Guide to Tennis Rackets

Tennis rackets and tennis balls

It's the tennis season and with Wimbledon just round the corner, now is a great time to brush the dust off your racket and get out on the courts!

If you're new to the sport, or in need of a new tennis racket, Newitts provides a comprehensi... read full article

Joanna Newitt's Cycling Challenge

This summer, on the 16th and 17th July, our very own Joanna Newitt is taking part in the RSF Yorkshire Wolds Challenge, a charity cycling event to raise money for Rydale Special Families.

Ryedale Special Families is an independent charity based in Malton, North Yorkshire which currently provides care and support to over... read full article

The World Triathlon Leeds 2016

This June, Newitts will be supporting the fifth stage of the ITU World Triathlon Series which will be held for the very first time in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

ITU World Triathlon Series Leeds

The Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon 2016 will take place from 11-12 June and will provide amateur sports athletes with the unique opportunity to compete on the same cou... read full article

How to choose the right swimming goggles

swimming goggles

Wearing a pair of goggles when swimming is essential, but many people struggle to find the right fit to achieve maximum comfort and performance when in the pool.

If worn incorrectly, goggles can hinder progress and cause frustration in the pool. Follow Newitts' simple guide below on how to choose the right swimming goggles.


read full article

10 benefits of cycling


Cycling has increased in popularity over the past decade thanks to events such as the Tour de France 2014 and the London 2012 Olympic Games which helped to dramatically raise the profile of the sport across the UK.

This summer on July 16th/17th, Joanna Newitt is taking part in the RSF Yorks... read full article

Advantages of Speedo Technology in Goggles

With the Rio Olympics 2016 fast approaching, Olympic swimmers will be busy sourcing the very best swimwear and swimming equipment to see them successfully through the Games. Many swimmers will be opting for sports equipment containing advanced Speedo technology to ensure maximum performance in the water.

Newitts stocks a wide range of Speedo swimwear, goggles, fins, paddles, nose clips and swimming masks all of which conta... read full article

Is Pep Guardiola the right choice for Manchester City?

Pep Guardiola

Since Pep Guardiola was picked to replace Pellegrini as the new Manager of Manchester City Football Club, there has been speculation regarding whether he is the right choice for the club.

Manchester City are arguably one of the best football teams in the country, and with state of the art facilities and a ready-made squad, some see the move for Pep as an easy ... read full article

The benefits of athletics in schools

athletics track and hurdle

With one in three children obese or overweight when they leave primary school, there is a growing need for physical education (PE) to be prioritised in schools.

The 2016 Rio Olympics are fast approaching and it is hoped that the event will have as positive an effect on schools as London 2012, and will give PE that all-important boost, by encoura... read full article

The benefit of New Sports to Rio Olympics 2016

6 nations rugby

The Rio Olympics 2016 will be the first Games to feature Golf and Rugby 7s. Both sports were accepted back into the Olympic movement in 2009, and since then, there has been speculation on what the new inclusions will bring to the Olympics.

Both sports are highly successful in their own right. Rugby 7s has built up a staunch following in the last decade and the spo... read full article

The diet of an Olympic swimmer

The Rio Olympic Games 2016 is swiftly approaching and in preparation for the huge event, Olympic athletes will already be following a strict diet and exercise regime to enable them to perform at their very best at the Games.


A good diet can be the difference between a gold medal and going home empty handed so it's important that athletes pay a huge amount of attenti... read full article

5 reasons why Jamie Vardy should play in Euro 2016

Jamie Vardy could never have predicted his incredible rise to fame. Playing in the Conference for Fleetwood Town in 2012, four years later and he has just signed a new £80,000-a-week contract at Leicester City.

6 nations rugby


As the country gets prepared for the build up to Europe's biggest football tournament, Euro 2016, there is great speculation regarding... read full article

The history of the Six Nations Championship

6 nations rugby

As the English rugby team travelled to Swansea on a dreary day in 1882, few could have realised the importance of the occasion. England's subsequent victory against Wales sparked the beginnings of a tournament that has since become the pride of the northern hemisphere.

The Six Nations Championship begins this weekend and to celebrate Newitts takes a look bac... read full article

Johanna Konta and British women's tennis

The world is still buzzing from the news of Johanna Konta's recent semi-final achievement in the Australian Open in Melbourne.

Newitts takes a look below at Johanna Konta's achievement and what it could mean for women's tennis in the future.

Childrens Sports

Johanna Konta

Johanna Konta was an unknown name in the tennis world until t... read full article

Will the new Government strategy improve sport participation in England?

In July 2015, the government launched a consultation document to tackle the fall in sport participation across the country. Sports Minister Tracey Crouch stressed that funding must be better targeted towards the drop in people participating in regular exercise following the post-2012 Olympics surge.


Childrens Sports


Despite statistics revealing... read full article

Keeping Fit In Space

On 15th of December 2015, millions of people watched as British Astronaut, Tim Peake, launched into space aboard Principia and became Britain's first official astronaut to fly to the International Space Station (ISS).


Mr Peake, previously an Army major and helicopter pilot, will spend six months on board the space station orbiting the Earth and he has spent six years tra... read full article

Christmas Gift Ideas to Help You Keep Fit This Winter

Staying fit during the winter months can prove difficult. As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, it's hard to find the motivation to actually leave the house. The thought of attending an exercise class or the gym, or going for a run in the cold becomes far less appealing.

Christmas Gifts

Newitts recognises that exercising in the winter for some of us is h... read full article

England's Next Rugby Coach Discussed

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This week, Stuart Lancaster left his post as England’s head coach by mutual consent. The decision followed his poor performance in the Rugby World Cup 2015, which saw England knocked out of the tournament at the pool stages after defeats to Wales and Australia.

Since his dismissal, the big question in the sporting world is just who will replace him?... read full article

7 Benefits of Post-Natal Pilates

Exercising post-birth can be a complex issue, particularly if you've had a difficult labour. Many mums are keen to return to their pre-pregnancy weight too quickly following birth, so it is important to take the necessary steps to ease back into exercise sensibly.

mother and baby

If you're a new mum and thinking about taking up exercise post-birth, Pilates is... read full article

Klitschko versus Tyson: The ongoing debate

News emerged earlier this month to confirm that the postponed fight of Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko will take place a month later on 28th November at the Espirit Arena in Dusseldorf.

boxing gloves

In September, the fight between the two heavyweight champions due to take place on October 28th was postponed due to Wladimir Klitschko sustaining a calf injury rendering him unfit ... read full article

A Guide to Keeping Hydrated During Exercise

Many people are unaware of the affects that dehydration can have on your body. When we exercise, our body has the potential to lose over one litre of fluid an hour, depending on how long and hard the exercise regime.

Failure to keep your fluid levels topped up during exercise can lead to dehydration which in turn affects your ability to exercise. It is therefore important to keep your fluid levels regularly topped up before, during and after exercise.

Take a look below at Newi... read full article

The Rugby World Cup 2015

The Rugby World Cup 2015 is set to kick off this Friday when England play Fuji at Twickenham Stadium. The Rugby World Cup is the largest global sporting event behind the Olympic Games and the Football World Cup, and it is estimated that around 3 million fans will travel to the games from across the globe.

stadium crowds

Take a look below at Newitts' guide to the Rugby Wor... read full article

PliFix Grass Marking Tufts

PliFix Grass Marking Tufts

PliFix Grass Marking Tufts are synthetic plastic marking strands of grass implants for marking out pitches. In addition, they also have lots of uses outside sports markings.

Take a look below at Newitts' short guide to Plifix Grass Marketing Tufts and their multiple uses.


What are Plifix Grass Marking Tufts?

Plifix Grass Marking Tufts, better known as 'sports ground carro... read full article

Most inspiring British female athlete of all time

British Athletics

Jessica Ennis-Hill has just enjoyed a momentous and remarkable comeback at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing, winning the Heptathlon Gold.

Ennis-Hill stormed through the first six heptathlon events in 2 days to create an incredible lead before finishing in first place in the 800m heat and clinching the title ahead of Brianne Theisen-Eaton wh... read full article

Do kids have a place at Premiership matches?

stadium crowds

The Premiership has just kicked off for another season, and my husband took my 6 year old son to his first proper football match to watch Leeds United versus Burnley.

My husband, who openly admits he’s a bit of a ‘part time‘ supporter of Leeds United, was keen to take my son to the game - which ended in a respectable 1-1 draw.

This ... read full article

Why Swimming Needs a Boost

Swimming goggles on poolside

Despite the UK's recent success at the World Swimming Championships 2015 in Russia, recent reports have shown that the number of people in the UK who swim regularly is declining.

Newitts takes a look below at why the government is keen to further promote swimming and remains dedicated to changing the culture and customer experience of the sport... read full article

Win a Speedo Goody Bag

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8 Nutritional Tips for Triathletes


In July, Ironman UK took place in Bolton and Lancashire. Training for this type of event takes incredible physical and emotional willpower, and athletes taking part will have to make many adjustments to their lifestyle and diet.

This week, Newitts offers triathletes 8 nutritional tips to help get the best they can out of their bodies.

... read full article

9 tips for bicycle commuters

Bicycle commuting is becoming popular amongst those seeking a more active and environmentally friendly method of getting to work.

Man commuting to work

If you live in a large city, the thought of bicycle commuting might put you off, but as long as you follow the rules, there should be no reason why this method of transport can't be as safe and reliable as any o... read full article

8 Famous Sporting Injuries

sporting injuries

Rory Mcllroy is currently out of the 2015 Open due to injury, after totally rupturing his ankle ligament playing football with friends.

The Championship began this week in St Andrews in Scotland without the World Number 1 golfer, and there is rising speculation regarding how long his recovery time could be.

But McIlroy is not the only sporting le... read full article

Top 10 tips to become a better swimmer

Swimming has never been my strong point, with hindsight, I wish I'd spent more time as a child getting to grips with what is essentially a life skill.

Female swimmer

Becoming a stronger swimmer later in life is not an impossible goal to achieve and it can have very positive effects when it comes to your overall health.

If you would like to brush up on your swi... read full article

Keeping Children Active in the Summer Holidays

As we approach the end of the school year, many parents will be looking forward to a well-earned break, but whilst time off from school is important for a child's wellbeing, it is equally important you keep your child active and healthy.

Keeping children active

At present, child obesity is on the rise with 80 per cent of boys and 85 per cent of girls not meeting the m... read full article

Is cricket a safe sport?

The tragic death of Australian cricketer, Phillip Hughes, in November 2014 has led many people to question the safety of cricket.

With The Ashes 2015 cricket tournament set to begin next week, Newitts takes a look at how Hughes' recent death has affected safety standards in cricket moving forward.

Cricket batsman

Phillip Hughes sustained serious head injuries ... read full article

Tackling obesity in schools

Children participating in sport

As the end of the school year approaches, many teachers, parents and pupils will be looking forward to a well-earned break, but whilst its healthy to take some time out, is actively encouraging teachers and sports coaches to start thinking about sporting commitments for the year ahead.

... read full article

9 possible reasons why Sepp Blatter resigned

Sepp Blatter

Last week, FIFA finally lived up to its notorious reputation, with a number of senior FIFA official’s arrested and charged with money laundering, racketeering, bribery and fraud. In short, the FBI have finally investigated what millions of football fans have known for some time, that FIFA officials have been using the organisation's influence to line their own pocket... read full article

The benefits of Speedo swimwear

Speedo jammers

Speedos have increased in popularity in recent years with professional and amateur swimmers both keen to invest in a piece of professional swimwear that offers a host of benefits other swimming brands simply cannot compete with.

At Newitts, we stock a large selection of junior and senior Speedo swimwear to suit all ages and abilities, as such, we're keen... read full article

Knocking in, oiling and protecting your cricket bat

Cricket Bat Preparation

Once you've purchased the right cricket bat to suit your needs, the next step is to prepare it for use and to learn how to maintain it. There are two steps to preparing a cricket bat, oiling and knocking it in. Take a look below at Newitts' step by step guide to these two processes.

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10 Benefits to becoming a Triathlete

triathlete image

Jonathan Brownlee is amongst many thousands of athletes who are currently training for forthcoming triathlons, the difference is he is currently world champion, having recently triumphed at the 2015 World Triathlon Series in Auckland!

Participation in triathlons has been growing at a dramatic rate, so if you're keen on taking part in a triathlon this summ... read full article

A Guide to Cricket Bat Sizes and Aftercare

Choosing the correct size of bat is vital for young cricketers to ensure proper technical development. Making sure the bat is not too long or too heavy is important to ensure that the cricket bat does not hinder correct stroke play and good technique. If you are purchasing a junior cricket bat, you will find that junior bats are scaled down in size and weight to meet these important requirements.

Cricket Bat Components

Most cricket bats are made from Salix Caerulea or Alba V... read full article

Is Rugby 7s more fun than Rugby Union?

Rugby Sevens versus rugby union

The Rugby Sevens tournament is currently in full swing, with the sixth leg of the series set to take place in Hong Kong later this month. But, if you're a rugby fan, do you prefer to watch Rugby Sevens or Rugby Union? We take a look below at the reasons why Rugby Sevens has become so popular.

What is rug... read full article

7 tips to improve your snooker game

Whether you're an amateur, a local team player or a professional snooker player, there is always room to improve your game.

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In snooker, the level of practice and preparation you undertake prior to a game is key, after all, the vast majority of your snooker playing time will be spent on a practice table.<... read full article

What is the role of sport in state and independent schools?

Sport is compulsory for students up to the age of sixteen, but the amount of time devoted to it can differ depending on which type of school you attend.

Enthusiactic about winning this season

The level of sport provided by state and independent schools is a constant subject for debate. It has recently been suggested that state schools do ... read full article

10 Fitness and Diet Myths

In recent years image has become an important factor in today's society, due to pressure from photo shopped models, magazines and social media websites. Due to this we see a different diet plan or workout every day on how to get that beach body in 20 days. However, these are often just myths to entice you to buy the magazine. Although, this did get me thinking about the top fitness and diet myths. After some research I wrote down the top ten and decided to share them with you. 

... read full article

Evolution of the sledge

With the winter months in full swing, many youngsters (and big kids alike) will be crossing their fingers for snow this January in the hope that they can dust off their sledge and hit the nearest slopes for some festive fast-paced fun. From the traditional wooden slatted sledges to today’s super-speedy plastic sledges, this age-old sport has been around for decades and is still as well loved as it was all those years ago. But as the years have passed by, the sledge has undergone a drama... read full article

Benefits of Running with a Weighted Vest

Running is one of the greatest ways to lose weight and is also one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do. Adding a weight vest to your everyday run has many benefits.

Burning Calories

It is well known that the more weight your body carries while you’re running the more weight calories you will burn. For ex... read full article

Why Skipping should be an essential part of your workout

Skipping has a wide range of physical benefits, one is that it improves your cardio fitness. Plus, it improves your co-ordination because you have to time your jump with the rope, it also helps with your balance and rhythm.

Furthermore, skipping can be a high intensity work out which in turn helps strengthen bones and is good for toning the lower body. Jumping rope also allows the body to incre... read full article

What is Tag Rugby?

Tag rugby is a non-contact version of rugby that is fast paced and suitable for men, women and children. Tag rugby is used by teams as a training method but is also used for fun. It allows young children to play rugby before contact because it’s safe and enjoyable.

Basic Rules read full article

Why Training in a Swimming Pool is a great way to keep fit while injured

Injuries are the fear of every athlete as they can have a big knock on effect in a physical and psychological way. Getting a stress fracture means you could be out of training for 2 months. This will have a big impact on your fitness if you do nothing! People react to getting an injury in many different ways. For example, you can gain weight if you don’t control your diet or lose a considerable amount of cardiovascular fitness.

There are many injuries that will make you physical... read full article

Benefits of Hula Hoop Training

Hula hooping is a great way to have fun and workout at the same time as well as making good physical benefits. One of the benefits is the fact that it helps flexibility through the steady rhythm of moving your hips back and forward, originally designed for fun when it was first invented by the Ancient Greeks and has evolved into an effective workout that has a great benefit to help you lose weight.

... read full article

Ab Wheel - The Ultimate Abdominal Workout

The Ab Wheel (also known as an abdominal wheel), is a great piece of equipment to have as it offers a full abdominal workout with just one simple exercise. Plus, there are a lot of benefits to using the ab wheel because it works all of your core including your obliques once you get experienced enough to do so. Furthermore, an ab wheel is very portable as they are lightweight and compact which means you can take it on business travels or when you go on holida... read full article

What is a Calorie?

What is a Calorie?

A calorie is a unit of energy. It is a measurement of how much energy there is in food we eat. Knowing the calories in our food helps us to balance the energy we eat and the energy we use.


Why are Calories important to hum... read full article

10 Resistance Tube Exercises When Travelling

Staying in shape when travelling can be a challenge, with your daily routine thrown out of balance it can be difficult to find the time to work out. However there is one simple piece of equipment you can use to keep your level of fitness up while you’re on the road.

The Resistance Band. The resistance band is a lightweight tube with handles wh... read full article

TRX Suspension Training – a full body workout at home

Gym fads come and go but one training technique that has been doing the rounds over the past few years is TRX training, and it looks as though it is here to stay thanks to its fast results and overall body toning.


Developed by Randy Hetrick a Navy SEALs commando, TRX training, otherwise known as suspension training, uses a system of suspended straps and cords to allow you to work against ... read full article

Benefits of Battle Rope Training

You may ask what is a Battle Rope? Or you may know everything about them but wanting to take your training to the next step. I first came across battle rope training 5 years ago, taking a walk through a park in Sydney when I saw 10 people making waves with a long rope anchored around fence stumps. After 30 seconds ... read full article

Planning and Evaluating a Football Session


Coaching qualifications are necessary to recognise an individual’s learning, authority, knowledge, and progress through the pathway but it’s often said that nothing beats experience – the experience of spending time hosting sessions and interacting with players. Getting practical experience is critical to devel... read full article

Becoming a Qualified Football Coach

Opportunities are plentiful for potential coaches. A career in football coaching is no longer the exclusive domain of former professional players, or those who have been in the game for decades.

The Football Association’s strategy of educating coaches to a recognised standard, throughout all levels of the game, from primary school age upwards&n... read full article

What does foam rolling actually do to your muscles?

Walking around the gym and seeing people use a foam roller and not knowing what it does, curious to give it a go but don’t want to look like an idiot using it wrong. We can help you understand more of what it does to your muscles and give you a general how to use guide. Using a foam roller has great benefits on the recovery of muscles, increase flexibility, muscle relaxation an... read full article

Why Swimming Is The Sport For All Ages

If you’re thinking of taking up swimming, you can do so at any age. It’s never too late to learn to swim. You can be eight years of age, or 80; swimming welcomes people of all ages and abilities.


It’s a great form of all round exercise, and for an activity that gives your body an all-over workout, teaches essential life skills, can be embraced as an intense sport or enjoyed simply for fun, swimming takes some beating.


The physica... read full article

History Timeline of Newitts

Newitts Family History from Newitts on Vimeo.

1902 - Mr Frank Newitt founded Newitt & Co Ltd, opening the doors down Goodramgate, York. Selling leather at wholesale to saddlers, shoem... read full article