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The Benefits of Swimming

<p>Swimming has a huge number of benefits and no matter how fit you are, you can easily start swimming to a level suited to your needs.</p>

New Year! New You!

<p>You don&rsquo;t have to do everything at once. If you do, you may find you loose interest in exercising very quickly. If you start simply, you are more likely to enjoy yourself and also keep yourself safe by preventing injury.</p>

How to start a MyZone MZ3 Challenge between your friends

<p>A MYZONE belt is a new innovative heart rate-based system. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding&nbsp;effort&nbsp;rather than&nbsp;fitness.</p>

7 reasons why you should give boxing a go today!

<p>It is a strength and cardio workout in one with loads of great benefits. Boxing works out your whole body. It will improve your general fitness and also help to improve your agility, balance, coordination and reactions.</p>

8 Exercises For Weight Loss

<p>To loose weight by exercising you will need both time and effort. If time is an issue, it may be good to choose a great calorie burning exercise.</p>

Exercise During Pregnancy

<p>Exercise is both good for you and your baby and it is thought that exercise during pregnancy will help with late pregnancy and labour. Exercise during pregnancy is a great way to get used to gaining weigh in pregnancy and how your body changes shape.</p>

Joining a gym

<p>Gyms have many benefits. They often have the latest fitness machines and equipment. They can be social and they can help you to achieve your fitness goals. However they can be a costly outgoing in your monthly budget.</p>

Walk your way to better health!

<p>Listed below are some of the top reasons why you should consider adding a walk into your daily routine.</p>

A Half Marathon

<p>Half marathons are becoming more and more popular and there are events most weekends across the UK. If you are looking for a challenge it might be something for you, especially if you have already tried a 5k or even 10k.</p>

Speedo Swimming aids for children

<p>On this blog we have compiled a list of fantastic swimming aids, which are part of the Speedo &reg; Learn to Swim Range. These products have been designed to encourage your little ones to swim and to love it.&nbsp;</p>

A quick guide to spinning

<p>A quick guide to spinning</p> <p>&bull; Spinning is a fantastic way to get healthy and fit.<br />&bull; It can be done in all weather conditions.<br />&bull; You do not need a helmet</p>

Working out with a gym ball

<p>By using a gym ball regularly, you can make your whole body stronger! Gym balls really focus on instability and by adding one to your gym work out; it makes you use all of your muscles to remain stable!</p>


<p><span style="text-decoration: underline;">An introduction&nbsp;</span></p> <p>There are two types of volleyball games:<br />1. A 6-a-side indoor game <br />2. Beach volleyball played in pairs</p>

Things to do on the beach!

<p>A beach is a popular destination for a holiday during the summer. Beaches are a great wait to burn of some steam and get some of the all important physical activity ticked off.</p>

45 Activities For Kids To Enjoy Over The Summer

<p> <p>With the holidays fast approaching, it is worth having a think about what activities you can busy your kids with so that they are not always glued to their technology or cooped up indoors everyday.</p>


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