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Keeping kids active this summer

<p>With being well into the second week of the school holidays, parents can often feel worried that their children will spend a large part of their summer watching the TV, using their phones, gaming and will have a rather inactive and sedentary summer holiday.</p> <p>

What size football goal should I go for?

<p>The size of football goal that you choose for your football games and matches is a very important decision to make.&nbsp;</p>

Pilates vs. Yoga - which one is best for you?

<p>Pilates and Yoga are often classed together but in fact are quite different workouts. In this blog we will start off by having a look at Pilates and Yoga individually.&nbsp;</p>

History of Nike

<p>Nike has been a leader in the fitness industry for a number of decades now and the company has had an immense amount of success during this time! We are going to have a look at some of the greatest achievements in Nike&rsquo;s history here.</p> <p>

How to get into running

<p>In this blog we are going to look at the benefits of running, how to start running, common questions and we will tell you all that you need to know to get on track to a more active you!</p>

How to start a Sunday League Football Team

<p>Sunday League Football is hugely popular across the whole of the UK and many people search online about how to get involved.&nbsp;</p>

The benefits of teaching children to swim

<p>Being able to swim is considered an essential life skill . The benefits of becoming a proficient swimmer are endless, not to mention the safety aspects.</p> <p>

How to choose the right dog whistle for you

<p>We at are firm advocates of dog whistles and are going to show you why on this page. We will explain how dog whistles work, how you can use them with your furry-friend and what types of whistles you can find online.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

5 ways to introduce your child to tennis

<p>The Davis Cup begins next week and serves as a great inspiration to young tennis players. In 2015, Great Britain won the Davis Cup for the first time since 1936 after Andy Murray beat Belgium&apos;s David Gloffin to clinch the title.</p> <p>

7 health benefits to squash in schools

<p>In 2016, the county of Essex was praised by the Sports Minister for being the only county in the country to include squash in its annual Schools Games event.</p> <p>

5 reasons England could win the next ODI Series

<p> <p>The England cricket team are currently away in India for the ODI Series, which began on Sunday.</p>

Swimming Strokes for Fitness and Weight Loss

<p>Swimming is one of the best exercises for keeping fit and it can also help you to lose weight. There a number of different swimming strokes which all work different areas of the body,&nbsp;</p>

Guide to Squash Rackets

<p>Choosing the right squash racket will affect your performance on the squash court, so it&apos;s essential to make the right choice.</p>

A guide to hockey shoes

<p>Whether you&apos;re out on the hockey field or playing indoor hockey, finding the right hockey shoes to protect your feet while playing is essential.</p>

Netball Drills for Juniors

<p>Whether you are a beginner netball player or you&apos;ve been practising netball for a number of years, in order to improve your game it is essential to practice regularly.</p> <p>


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