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A Guide to Boxing Gloves

<p>If you&apos;re just starting out in boxing, the first piece of boxing equipment you&apos;ll need to buy is a set of boxing gloves.</p>

The history of netball

<p>Netball started out as a form of basketball before it evolved into the game we know today. The history of netball stems right back to 1891, where it evolved originally from the game of basketball.</p>

Off-season training in cricket

<p>The cricket season is currently taking a hiatus and many amateur cricket players may be enjoying a well-earned break, but Newitts is here to remind players it&apos;s not time to sit on your laurels just yet!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

6 benefits of netball for kids

<p> <p>Obesity in children has become an increasing problem, and has highlighted more than ever the fact that our children&apos;s health and fitness should be a top priority.</p>

A guide to buying a trampoline

<p>Children and families can get so much out of a trampoline. It provides hours of instant ready-made fun, a chance for children and adults to improve on fitness levels, and it can also improve motor skills.</p>

Women and weight training

<p>Weight training has become an important part of a work-out, and these days it&apos;s not just reserved for men. An increasing number of women are investing in weight training in a bid to improve their overall fitness.</p> <p>

A guide to badminton rackets

<p>Choosing the right badminton racket for you is a personal process, nobody can tell you which is the right racket to choose, you have to spend time testing a variety of rackets before you find the perfect match.</p> <p>

A Guide to Track and Field

<p>The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio continues and following last weekend&apos;s &apos;Super Saturday&apos; which saw Britain&apos;s Mo Farrah win his third Olympic gold medal in the 10,000 metre sprint.</p>

A Guide to Olympic Boxing

<p> <p>Boxing is currently in full swing at the Rio Olympics 2016. Below Newitts takes a look at the changes boxing has made over the last 4 years since London 2012, and provides a short guide to boxing at this year&apos;s Olympics.&nbsp;</p>

Clothing at the Olympic Games

<p> <p>Olympic clothing has changed a great deal since the very first Olympic Games took place in Athens in 1896. <strong>&nbsp;</strong>Over the decades, sportswear design has been adapted to suit the many different varieties of clothing we see on athletes today.</p>

Guide to Tennis Rackets

<p style="float: right;"> <p>It&apos;s the tennis season and with Wimbledon just round the corner, now is a great time to brush the dust off your racket and get out on the courts!</p>

How to choose the right swimming goggles

<p> <p>Wearing a pair of goggles when swimming is essential, but many people struggle to find the right fit to achieve maximum comfort and performance when in the pool.</p>

10 benefits of cycling

<p> <p>Cycling has increased in popularity over the past decade thanks to events such as the Tour de France 2014 and the London 2012 Olympic Games which helped to dramatically raise the profile of the sport across the UK.</p>

Advantages of Speedo Technology in Goggles

<p>With the Rio Olympics 2016 fast approaching, Olympic swimmers will be busy sourcing the very best swimwear and swimming equipment to see them successfully through the Games.</p>

Is Pep Guardiola the right choice for Manchester City?

<p> <p>Since Pep Guardiola was picked to replace Pellegrini as the new Manager of Manchester City Football Club, there has been speculation regarding whether he is the right choice for the club.</p>


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