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We offer a good range of bouldering items from mats, crash pads, crash pad mats, climbing fingerboards, kid's climbing holds (stones) all at low, good value prices. now stock a great choice of bouldering accessories, including chalk bags, bouldering brushes, chalk and much more! 

Much of our bouldering equipment is by UK manufacturer Beemat.

The new sport of bouldering made it big with the debut at the Olympics in Japan 2021.

Bouldering is a type of free climbing that is done on small rock formations or climbing walls no higher than 4.5M (15 feet).

In bouldering, climbers can practice specific movements at a safe distance from the ground. 

This can be done without the need of ropes and harnesses but of course with crash matting for protection.

A top tip from the UK team: ”Learn how to climb down when you are at the top, instead of just dropping onto a mat”.



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