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Next Day Delivery Available

Annapurna is a massif (a group of mountains) found in the Himalayas in Nepal.

These mountains have an abundance of peaks sitting around 7000-8000m high and are not recommended for the faint-hearted.

In fact, the Annapurna's are known to be one of the most challenging and extreme mountains to climb in the world!

The Nepalese mountain region is a popular destination for trekkers, adventurous rock climbers and the ever increasingly popular bouldering activities. 

Always to keen to inspire the next generation of climbers, have training climbing hold sets, bouldering boards and climbing chalk. 

Annapurna climbing holds sets contain a random mix of various sizes of footholds, modular holds, screw-on hand holds, mini-jugs, macro or roof jugs so you can get a good grip on your climbing endeavours. 

Upper body strength is essential to climbing and the great value bouldering fingerboards can help you challenge and build your strength.

Multi buy Annapurna products available. 




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