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Zoft coated foam balls are all constructed with a medium weight bounce or high bounce density foam and all come with a durable rhinosaur skin coating to stop the ball absorbing any moisture. Zoft Skin balls offer excellent bounce characteristics, play qualities and durability for both indoor and outdoor use. These very popular hard wearing balls are constructed from durable foam rubber and are coated with a long lasting, tough, tear resistant surface.  Skin balls are easily cleaned and can be disinfected. Excellent for all age groups and popular with special needs activities.

Item Description Density
Dodgeball  40kg/m3 Medium Bounce
Handball 70kg/m3 High Bounce
Volleyball 70kg/m3 High Bounce
Basketball 70kg/m3 High Bounce
Football 75kg/m3 High Bounce
Rugby Ball 75kg/m3 High Bounce
Catchdisk 70kg/m3



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