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Squash Balls

Our range offers squash balls which are suitable for beginners developing their skills right through to top level competition play.

Squash balls are between 39.5 and 40.5mm in diameter and weigh between 23 and 25g each. Manufactured from two pieces of rubber compound, glued together to form a hollow ball. A more advanced player would play with a slower ball which would have less bounce compared to beginners or juniors who would use a faster ball that will bounce higher allowing for easier shots to be played. Squash balls are marked with a coloured dot system to help players identify the speed of ball they require.

The bouncier and faster the ball, the easy it is for new squash players to learn the game. The balls go in this order from an easy fast ball to a difficult extra slow ball. The colour of the dots on the squash ball starts from an easy blue spot red, orange, green, white, yellow and double yellow been the most difficult to use. Double yellow dot balls with a very low bounce are only recommended for high level players.

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