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Racquetball is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and is becoming increasingly popular all around the world.

Here you will find Wilson racquetball rackets and Dunlop racquetball rackets in both junior and senior sizes. 

We have a selection of beginners racquetball rackets and more of the skilled player's racquetball rackets. 

Of course we also stock racquetball balls to get you going with your racquetball game today!

Racquetball is a sport played individually or as doubles with racquets and balls. Unlike tennis there is no net and unlike squash, the ball can be hit to the walls, ceiling or floor legally! The aim is to take alternating hits against an opponent. The winner is the player who keeps the ball in play when his or her opponent can't.

Racquetball is similar to squash and is played on a Squash court but the main distinguishable differences include a larger ball which bounces higher and a shorter racket. The larger, higher bouncing ball enables players to retrieve the ball more easily resulting in longer rallies and also means the ball does not need warming before the start of the games like that of the squash ball.



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