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Mitre Impel Goalkeeper Gloves

Mitre Impel Goalkeeper Gloves

  • Modern negative cut.
  • Latex thumb wrap.
  • Grippy Latex and shock absorbing foam.
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Introducing the Mitre Impel Goalkeeper Gloves, the ultimate fusion of innovation and performance. Designed with the modern goalkeeper in mind, these gloves boast a hidden gem - a modern negative cut. Seams are hidden, allowing for maximum contact between your glove and the ball. With every touch, you'll feel the unparalleled connection that sets these gloves apart from the competition.

But the advantages don't stop there. Our designers have incorporated a latex thumb wrap, not only to provide an additional layer of protection but also to extend the grippy surface. Say goodbye to those slippery moments that cost you the perfect save. With the Mitre Impel 24, you'll have the confidence to dive, reach, and snatch the ball out of the air, even in the most challenging of conditions.

We understand that goalkeeping is not for the faint of heart. That's why we've equipped the Mitre Impel with an EVA cushioned back hand punch zone. This game-changing feature acts as your trusty shield, protecting and deflecting powerful strikes on goal. No longer will you have to fear the sting of a rocket shot. Instead, you can confidently smother those attempts and turn them into opportunities for your team.

When it comes to catching crosses and absorbing thunderous shots, grip and shock absorption are paramount. That's why we've engineered the Mitre Impel with a combination of grippy latex and shock-absorbing foam. This dynamic duo ensures that you can confidently pluck those crosses out of the sky, no matter how high or fast they're coming at you. You'll feel the impact, but your hands will remain steady and secure.


  • Modern negative cut - seams are hidden, so there's maximum contact between your glove and the ball.
  • Latex thumb wrap - protects the thumb as well as extending the grippy surface.
  • EVA cushioned back hand punchzone - to protect and deflect against strikes on goal.
  • Grippy Latex and shock absorbing foam - To help you catch crosses and absorb powerful shots.
  • Elastic Strap & Tab system - supports your wrist as you play, whilst the hook and loop fastening ensures a secure fit. Featuring in-built tab to allow easy adjustment for each hand.
Item Code Size Colour Available Now Price Price ex. VAT Manufacturer Part Code Ean
IT103223 4 Black/Grey 24 £19.95 £16.63 5-B01807BF9 5063077002556
IT103224 5 Black/Grey 24 £19.95 £16.63 5-B01807BF9 5063077002563
IT103225 6 Black/Grey 49 £19.95 £16.63 5-B01807BF9 5063077002570
IT103226 7 Black/Grey 48 £19.95 £16.63 5-B01806BF9 5063077002525
IT103227 8 Black/Grey 49 £19.95 £16.63 5-B01806BF9 5063077002532
IT103228 9 Black/Grey 48 £19.95 £16.63 5-B01806BF9 5063077002549
IT103229 10 Black/Grey 49 £19.95 £16.63 5-B01806BF9 5063077002501
IT103230 11 Black/Grey 24 £19.95 £16.63 5-B01806BF9 5063077002518

Please measure across the width of the palm - excluding the thumb, just under the fingers to ensure a perfect glove fit.

Glove Size Hand Measurement (cm)  
4 6 - 6.5  
5 7 - 7.5 Small
6 7.5 - 8  
7 8 - 8.5 Medium
8 8.5 - 9  
9 9 - 9.5 Large
10 9.5 - 10  
11 10 - 10.5  


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