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Jordan Classic Rubber Dumbbells

Jordan Classic Rubber Dumbbells

  • New, improved design
  • Stylish and extremely durable
  • Solid design means precision balance
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Great-value rubber dumbbells featuring our classic design, this versatile dumbbell suits commercial, boutique gyms as well as home users.


  • Used for bodybuilding, CrossFit, functional training as well as standard strength dumbbell exercises.
  • Stylish rubber solid ends with chrome contoured handle.
  • Known, industry wide for leaving zero damage to gym benches and flooring.
  • New, improved design is available in a variety of sets between 1-10kg, 2-20kg and individual pairs from 2.5kg and 50kg (2.5kg increments).
  • One-year warranty.

Sets available

  • 1-10kg (1kg increments / 10 pairs).
  • 2-20kg (2kg increments / 10 pairs).
  • 2.5-50kg (2.5kg increments / 20 pairs).
Item Code Weight Available Now Price Price ex. VAT Unit Manufacturer Part Code
IT096187 2.5kg Out of Stock £20.40 £17.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-01-RC
IT096188 5kg Out of Stock £40.80 £34.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-02-RC
IT096189 7.5kg Out of Stock £61.20 £51.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-03-RC
IT096190 10kg Out of Stock £81.60 £68.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-04-RC
IT096191 12.5kg Out of Stock £102.00 £85.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-05-RC
IT096192 15kg Out of Stock £122.40 £102.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-06-RC
IT096193 17.5kg Out of Stock £142.80 £119.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-07-RC
IT096194 20kg Out of Stock £163.20 £136.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-08-RC
IT096195 22.5kg Out of Stock £183.60 £153.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-09-RC
IT096196 25kg Out of Stock £204.00 £170.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-10-RC
IT096197 27.5kg Out of Stock £224.40 £187.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-11-RC
IT096198 30kg Out of Stock £244.80 £204.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-12-RC
IT096199 32.5kg Out of Stock £265.20 £221.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-13-RC
IT096200 35kg Out of Stock £285.60 £238.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-14-RC
IT096201 37.5kg Out of Stock £306.00 £255.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-15-RC
IT096202 40kg Out of Stock £326.40 £272.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-16-RC
IT096203 42.5kg Out of Stock £346.80 £289.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-17-RC
IT096204 45kg Out of Stock £367.20 £306.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-18-RC
IT096205 47.5kg Out of Stock £387.60 £323.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-19-RC
IT096206 50kg Out of Stock £408.00 £340.00 Pair JTFDSRN2-20-RC
IT096208 1kg-10kg (10 Pairs) Out of Stock £448.80 £374.00 Set JTFDSRN2-P1-RC
IT096209 2kg-20kg (10 Pairs) Out of Stock £897.60 £748.00 Set JTFDSRN2-P3-RC
IT096207 2.5kg-50kg (20 Pairs) Out of Stock £4284.00 £3570.00 Set JTFDSRN2-P8-RC

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