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Hockey Goal Posts

Harrod Sports hockey goals come complete with nets and are made in the UK.

We sell both indoor hockey goals and outdoor freestanding hockey goals in aluminium and steel.

Some hockey goals are available with wheels so are easily portable on and off pitches and all at low prices.

Two goals on opposite sides of the field measure 7 feet (2.14m) high and 12 feet (3.66m) wide. The goal size is consistent throughout the world. They are all 4 feet (1.20m) deep. The sideboards and backboard measure 18in (460mm) high. On a short corner, a direct shot cannot be lifted above the backboards to be counted as a goal. The goal is lined with black netting around the sides, top, and back.

Unanchored goal posts can cause alarming accidents and injuries. To confirm with European Safety Standards anchors must be fitted to all freestanding goals irrespective of size or typeHarrod UK Goal Post Safety Guidelines can be found here.


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