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Escape Medicine Vertball

Escape Medicine Vertball

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  • Oversized design to encourage strong posture.
  • Soft and spongy medicine balls to prevent injury.
  • Helps to develop usable strength.
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The Escape Vertball is a unique medicine ball that has been specifically designed to be thrown.

Unlike other medicine balls, which are often too small or have an irregular shape, the Vertball is perfectly sized and shaped for throwing.

This makes it an ideal tool for developing strength and power, as well as for improving coordination and accuracy.

In addition, the Vertball's oversized design helps to keep your core engaged, making it a great choice for those who want to work on their core stability.

With a variety of weights available, the Vertball is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in a variety of ways to help you reach your fitness goals.


  • The oversized design encourages a strong posture, keeping the core engaged and meaning the shoulder girdle is aligned for throwing and catching.
  • Soft and spongy materials prevent risk of injury in high velocity workouts.
  • All balls are equal in diameter (350mm) regardless of their weight – a weight that is extremely accurate thanks to the rubber granules that are poured and then hand compressed.
  • Commercial - 1 Year warranty.

Escape Vertball

Item Code Size Available Now Price Price ex. VAT Manufacturer Part Code Ean
IT063929 3kg Ships in 4 weeks £52.80 £44.00 VERT03 5052142019216
IT063930 4kg Ships in 4 weeks £56.40 £47.00 VERT04 5052142019223
IT063931 5kg Ships in 4 weeks £60.60 £50.50 VERT05 5052142019230
IT063932 6kg Ships in 4 weeks £64.20 £53.50 VERT06 5052142019247
IT063933 7kg Ships in 4 weeks £68.40 £57.00 VERT07 5052142019254
IT063934 8kg Ships in 4 weeks £72.00 £60.00 VERT08 5052142019261
IT063935 9kg Ships in 4 weeks £76.20 £63.50 VERT09 5052142019278
IT063936 10kg Ships in 4 weeks £79.80 £66.50 VERT10 5052142019285

Customer Reviews for Escape Medicine Vertball

  • 5 out of 5 Just great

    Newitts Verified Purchase (28 Oct 2014)

    Really pleased with my vertball, it has certainly added another level to my training, I would certainly recommend this product.


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