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Speedo Swimming aids for children

On this blog we have compiled a list of fantastic swimming aids, which are part of the Speedo ® Learn to Swim Range. These products have been designed to encourage your little ones to swim and to love it. They make up part of 3 stages of swimming, from children new to swimming to those swimming without help.

You can be assured that when you use Speedo ®, your children are using some of the safest aids. They help to build a child's confidence as they progress through the 3 stages of learning to swim. Safety is a priority, and Speedo manufacture to the most rigorous standards, ensuring that their products are safe to use in the water when the wearer is within their depth.

All of these products are available at

Stage 1 Products ‘Start Splashing’
These products are what your water baby needs.
They are designed to help your baby feel safe and confident in the water.
You can use them at the pool, on holiday or at home in the bath.

Speedo ® Sea Squad Swim Seats
• For introducing your child to a swimming pool.
• 0-1 Year: 11kg max. 1-2 Years:15kg max.
• Inflatable with seat and back support.
Speedo ® Sea Squad Squirty Toys
• To build confidence in water at the pool or in the bath.
• You can fill with water and squeeze to squirt the water out.
• Float and come as a set of 3: 2 x Fish and an Octopus.
• Bright colours to encourage play and interaction.

Stage 2 Products – ‘Start Swimming’
These products help children to float, adopt the swimming position and get paddling.
They help to build their confidence in the water.
As they develop and improve, you can change the levels of buoyancy needed.

Speedo ® Sea Squad Back Floats
• Once your child has learnt the basics, it's time to inflate!
• Fully adjustable.
• Simply remove one foam layer at a time as confidence improves in the water.
• Features the fun Sea Squad Characters.
Speedo ® Sea Squad Swim Vest:
• Enables them to learn to swim without the restrictions of armbands.
• Safe to use in the water where the wearer is within their depth.
• Bright, character print float vest.
• Helps your child to learn swim strokes without the restrictions of arm bands.
Speedo ® Sea Squad Armbands.
• Once your child has learnt the basics, it's time to inflate!
• Speedo's ® first PVC free armband!
• Size 2-6 years, up to 25kg.
• Features the Sea Squad characters unique to the Speedo range.
Speedo ® Sea Squad Flip Toys
• By blowing bubbles on the surface of the water the starfish will move across the top of the water.
• Great for increasing lung capacity and water confidence.
• Fun starfish design.
• Sold per set of 4 - 1 of each colour.

Stage 3 Products
Combine learning with a love of playing the water.
Swim toys are a fantastic way for children to have fun.
Build confidence and compete in the water with family and friends.

Speedo ® Sea Squad Kickboard
• It includes grip points to help with their hand positioning and swim technique. .
• Ergonomically designed.
• Includes grip points to help with hand positioning and swim technique.
• Colourful blue design with fun Sea Squad shark motif (Blue) or Octopus motif (Pink).
Speedo ® Sea Squad Spinning Dive Toys
• Encourage children to develop their abilities and confidence in and under the water.
• Set of 4 Fun shark character design.
• Throw them in and dive down to collect them.
• Each toy spins as it sinks.
• Bright and colourful making them easy to find under water.
Speedo ® Sea Squad Dive Puzzle
• Sinks in the water ready for young swimmers to dive down, race and retrieve.
• They'll be learning better diving techniques without even realising it!
• Colourful Silicone dive puzzle that sinks in the water.
• Connect the shapes together underwater.
• Make different games, time friends and compete against each other.


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