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We are going to have a quick look at racquetball here. Many people choose more common racquet sports over racquetball. A lot of people think that racquetball will be difficult to learn or fear that they will get hit but in fact racquetball is one of the easiest racket sports to learn. The ball is big, the racquet is big and you can hit the ball pretty much anywhere.

The benefits
-you burn lots of calories
-it is great for your hand eye coordination
-you can have fun
-it works wonders for your reflexes
-you can work out every muscle group
-you will soon get a sweat on and burn some energy
-you will forget to clock watch and get stuck in
-the court is 20 feet wide, 20 feet long and 20 feet tall, which makes you feel like you can get to each hit. You will work hard to reach each ball.

How do I play?
To serve, the ball is bounced before being hit against the front wall.
Apart from on a serve, the ball can be hit against any walls and ceiling as long as it hits the front wall without bouncing.
The ball should only bounce once but when learning 2-3 times is ok to build up a rally.
Once you have achieved a rally, you can start keeling score. Having a match encourages you to work hard and push yourself. Try to find someone of similar ability to you.
The aim is to win points by winning rallies.
You only win points on your serve. So if you win your rally that you served, you get a point.
The person not serving is aiming to get their turn to serve and hopefully win points.
The player who wins the rally always gets to serve.
Games are up to 15 points and you need to win by 1 point.
Matches tend to be 2/3 games.
You can play singles and doubles.

A few pointers
1. Give your muscles a few minutes to get going. Perhaps jog round the court.
2. Practise a good technique to avoid injury. Consider having some lessons.
3. Wear safety glasses. This is essential to keep your eyes safe from damage.
4. Correct footwear helps prevent injury and gives you good support on the court. There are a lot of quick starts and stops so good shoes are needed.
5. You will sweat so get a racquet with a good grip.
6. Take a break when you need to!
7. Remember to condition your body too and strengthen your core for those all important changes and shifts on court. In addition, aerobic exercise will help increase your endurance for a game of racquetball so exercises like fast sprints, jumps, etc will help improve your game on court.

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and finally...!
If you are hoping to add some variety into your workout routine, particularly if you fancy a change, a bit more pace or have reached a plateau…why not consider racquetball?

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