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Lacrosse is a competitive sport and often seen as the fastest game on two feet. It is a dynamic sport, with requires skill, speed and strength. The object of the game is to use a stick with a net on the end to catch, carry, and pass a ball. You can also run with both the stick and ball. The ball is a similar size to a tennis ball but a lot harder and made of rubber!

Simply put – lacrosse is a high scoring game – the aim is to score more than your opposing team. Using your stick to throw the ball into your opposing team’s goal scores a goal.

In the UK we play lacrosse on grass or AstroTurf on a pitch, which is a similar size to a hockey or football field. A team has usually has 12 players on each team.

The gear
Not too much is required for lacrosse. You will need a pair of goals; a ball and each team member will need a stick. At we stock all 3. A goal keeper will also need to wear a helmet.

Have a look at the goals online at like The Harrod Sport ® Competition Lacrosse Goals, which have been designed to meet the regulations for Lacrosse. These goals can be used for competition play on either natural or artificial turf pitches.

A popular ball is the Apollo Pro Lacrosse Ball, which is made from 100% hard rubber, complies with match specifications.

A superb stick is the Apollo 6065 Male Lacrosse Stick. It is a 40 inch stick designed for the all round player. It has a low profile head that is flexible, durable with a good pocket depth and wide face for easier catching and ball carriers. Maximise your control on the run, catching and throwing with this stick.

The younger players

Pop Lacrosse is a type of lacrosse, which is played in primary schools. It is a non-contact version of lacrosse. The balls used are larger and softer. The game is usually played as a 5-a-saide game and is fun and fast paced.

At the Apollo POP LACROSSE STICK Is ideal for introducing younger children into the game with a normal size head but fitted with a shorter shaft which gives the children better control over the stick. It has a flexible scoop shape, which improves scooping ability during ground ball pick up. It has a secure base design that improves ball retention during cradling. It also has an improved pocket shape, which enhances ball retention, accuracy and control.

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