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Advantages of Speedo Technology in Goggles

With the Rio Olympics 2016 fast approaching, Olympic swimmers will be busy sourcing the very best swimwear and swimming equipment to see them successfully through the Games. Many swimmers will be opting for sports equipment containing advanced Speedo technology to ensure maximum performance in the water.

Newitts stocks a wide range of Speedo swimwear, goggles, fins, paddles, nose clips and swimming masks all of which contains the latest Speedo technology to ensure that whatever your swimming capability, you can guarantee the best experience possible.

Below, Newitts takes a look at the advantages of Speedo technology in goggles, in particular, Speedo Biofuse technology and Speedo IQfit technology.

Speedo Biofuse

Biofuse technology

Whether you're an Olympic swimmer, or you just swim for fun, Speedo recognises the importance of feeling comfortable when you are  immersed in water. Speedo Biofuse puts swimmer's comfort first. It is a unique goggle technology designed to be so comfortable, some  swimmers forget they are even wearing goggles!

Super soft seal gogglesMade from flexible materials, SpeedoBiofuse goggles adapt to the shape of a swimmer's face to provide cushioned comfort for every swim . Speedo recognises that every face shape  is unique, so has introduced features such as the super soft seal which is deeper than traditional goggle seals, so the goggles  can form a comfortable seal onto your eye contours. 

Flexible gogglesSpeedo Biofuse goggles are made from soft, gel-like materials that provide a close and comfortable fit. The flexible external frame gently grips the contours of your face, while the strong internal frame is wrapped in a soft gel-like skin to ensure the goggles remain in the same place on your face, for maximum comfort and performance in the water.

Newitts sells a wide range of Speedo goggles with Biofuse technology. For more information on the different types of Biofuse goggles available, click here.

Speedo IQFit

Speedo IQfit

SpeedoIQfit™ is one of the most advanced goggle technologies available from Speedo. IQFit is designed for seasoned and professional swimmers, keen to enhance their performance and endurance in water. IQfit goggles feature a patented 3D seal and strap tensioning scale to produce the most secure fit on the face possible.

Inspires Confidence - If you're serious about swimming performance, it is vital to use swimming goggles that will inspire confidence in the water at all times. Speedo IQfit goggles are designed to allow swimmers to concentrate on every stroke without any need for distraction. The swim technology experts at the Speedo Aqualab carried out extensive global head scanning to create class-leading goggles designed for an accurate fit, so that swimmers can concentrate on performance at all times.

3D goggle seal - Speedo has produced its first ever goggle seal developed using global head scanning research developed at the Speedo Aqualab. The 3D goggle seal is designed to envelop the contours of the eyes, without leaving marks. The 3D goggles ensure maximum leak resistance and will remain firmly on the face throughout your time in the pool.

Goggle strap - The IQfit goggle strap has a unique tensioning scale that allows swimmers to secure the goggles to fit accurately before a swim. Less strap tension is required, meaning the goggles feel comfortable every time you put them on, so you are free to solely focus on swimming performance.

Speedo's IQfit technology is featured on Speedo Fastskin Elite Mirror Swimming Goggles available from IQfit goggles have the added advantage of a precision fit, ultimate comfort and maximum leak-resistance.

For more information on the full range of Speedo products available from Newitts containing advanced and unique Speedo technologies, click here.


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