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Mitre Impel Plus Training Football

Mitre Impel Plus Training Football

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  • Mitre's mid-level training ball
  • 30 panel ball constructed using a 0.4mm PU outer
  • Outer layer has a 'Vimini' textured for control
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The Mitre ® Impel Plus Training Football is Mitre's mid-level training ball. A 30 panel ball that is constructed using a 0.4mm PU outer which makes it more durable and hard wearing than the lower level Impel ball. 


  • Crafted with an efficient and hard wearing 30 panel construction to ensure consistent and long lasting performance during intense training sessions.
  • Constructed with 'Vimini' outer texture for enhanced grip and control to ensure player confidence and improved skills.
  • 3.5mm EVA soft-touch foam backing enables players to comfortably control and play the ball - inspiring youngsters to and ensuring confidence on the ball.
  • Increased durability through a 0.4mm PU outer material to resist constant use and offer superb performance - it'll become part of the squad.
  • Training ball comes inflated and is available in size 5, 4 and 3. Suitable for a grass or astroturf surface.
  • Built for control.
  • Sold either per ball or in a pack of 12 with a ball bag (please note the ball bag may vary in brand and colour from the image shown).

Mitre Impel Plus Training Football Orange

Item Code Size Colour Unit Available Now Price Price ex. VAT Unit Manufacturer Part Code Ean
IT089021 5 White Each 0 8.91 €7.43 Each 5-BB1119WIO 5037823958916
IT089022 4 White Each 58 8.91 €7.43 Each 5-BB1119WIO 5037823958909
IT089023 3 White Each 96 8.91 €7.43 Each 5-BB1119WIO 5037823958893
IT089024 5 Yellow Each 21 8.91 €7.43 Each 5-BB1119YSO 5037823958947
IT089025 4 Yellow Each 0 8.91 €7.43 Each 5-BB1119YSO 5037823958930
IT089026 3 Yellow Each 30 8.91 €7.43 Each 5-BB1119YSO 5037823958923
IT089027 5 Orange Each 47 8.91 €7.43 Each 5-BB1119OSO 5037823959081
IT089028 4 Orange Each 0 8.91 €7.43 Each 5-BB1119OSO 5037823959074
IT089029 3 Orange Each 126 8.91 €7.43 Each 5-BB1119OSO 5037823959067
IT089868 5 White 12 Pack 0 109.24 €91.03 Pack 5053052048242
IT089869 4 White 12 Pack 4 109.24 €91.03 Pack 5053052048259
IT089870 3 White 12 Pack 8 109.24 €91.03 Pack 5053052048266
IT089871 5 Yellow 12 Pack 1 109.24 €91.03 Pack 5053052048273
IT089872 4 Yellow 12 Pack 0 109.24 €91.03 Pack 5053052048280
IT089873 3 Yellow 12 Pack 2 109.24 €91.03 Pack 5053052048297
IT089874 5 Orange 12 Pack 3 109.24 €91.03 Pack 5053052048303
IT089875 4 Orange 12 Pack 0 109.24 €91.03 Pack 5053052048310
IT089876 3 Orange 12 Pack 10 109.24 €91.03 Pack 5053052048327



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Customer Reviews for Mitre Impel Plus Training Football

  • 5 out of 5 Brilliant training ball

    Mitre make the best training balls. Will be buying more.

  • 5 out of 5 Mitre Impel Training Ball

    Good quality product at a great price.

  • 5 out of 5 Amazing!

    These footballs are amazing if you want affordable footballs at a great price.

  • 4 out of 5 Academy Coach Ball review

    Newitts Verified Purchase (24 Dec 2019)

    For training balls, it's difficult to find better quality than the mitre impel plus. Some alternatives are like kicking a brick, or just don't fly as well or as far. They're ok for 3g and grass in terms of longevity. A decent set of training footballs should only last one season anyway, before damage to the outer skin and foam underlayer takes them out of service. Although not FIFA match quality stamped, they're ok for Matchday at grassroots. Outside of academy football where the club's have to use certain types of Ball, I prefer players to use a mitre delta or ultimatch max for Matchday and impel plus for training over and above any other brands or model. 3 match balls and 12 training balls are enough for any team for a season or two.

  • 5 out of 5 Quality Training Ball

    Newitts Verified Purchase (10 May 2018)

    I am secretary and one of the coaches, of a junior club in South London with 24 teams so we buys loads of footballs every year. The Mitre Impel Plus is a step up in class from the standard Mitre Impel ball and worth the extra money. We've used loads of different training balls and only the 'Precision Fusion' training ball matches it for quality. Whatever you can get on a deal I'd recommend either of the 2 training balls mentioned.


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