Training Buddies Set of 8 Workout Stations

Training Buddies Set of 8 Workout Stations

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  • Dynamic outdoor exercise aids
  • Various stations: squat, shoulder press, pull up
  • lunge, press up, tricep dip, sit up
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Training Buddies are dynamic outdoor exercise aids, created through innovative design, using a wealth of experience in research-led sport development.

Training Buddies Squat Station

  • Angled seat/thighs to allow smaller users to be accommodated.
  • Safely excute the squat to exercise the Gluteus and Quadricep muscles.
  • Includes bungee attachments.
  • Dimensions - L1.0m x W0.5m x H1.4m
  • Minimum Space Required - L4.2m x W3.6m x H3.9m.

Training Buddies Shoulder Press Station

  • A variety of grips and an adequate weight system allows users of different abilities to quickly adapt the training buddy for their perfect workout.
  • A great and versatile workout to work the Pectoralis and Deltoid muscles.
  • Dimensions - L0.9m x W0.6m x H2.2m.
  • Minimum Space Required - L3.9m x W3.6m x H4.5m.

Training Buddies Pull Up Station

  • Long bar allows the user to take a wide or narrow grip.
  • Underhand or overhand grip can be applied to work the different muscles.
  • Opportunity to exercise different muscle groups including Biceps, Deltoids, Rhomboids, Trapexius and Latissimus Dorsi.
  • Includes bungee attachments.
  • Dimensions - L1.6m x W0.5m x H2.0m.
  • Minimum Space Required - L5.2m x W3.5m x H4.5m.

Training Buddies Lunge Station

  • Reflects the perfect stance and posture required to get the most from this exercise.
  • Excellent for offering a user support when further stability is required.
  • A great toning exercise for the gluteus, quadricep and hamstring muscles.
  • Includes bungee attachments.
  • Dimensions - L1.0m x W1.0m x H1.4m.
  • Minimum Space Required - L4.2m x W4.1m x H3.9m.

Training Buddies Press Up Station

  • Reflects the correct posture, this training buddy acts as a constant reminder of correct technique.
  • Trains the Pectorals, Deltoids, Triceps and core muscle groups.
  • Grips on legs to help you maintain the correct position without slipping.
  • Dimensions - L1.4m x W2.0m x H0.4m.
  • Minimum Space Required - L4.6m x W5.0m x H2.9m.

Training Buddies Tricep Dip Station

  • Offering a decreased grip bar, this station can be used by anyone of any size.
  • Provides a comfortable distance to suit any frame.
  • Work the Tricep muscles.
  • Includes bungee attachments.
  • Dimensions - L0.7m x W0.6m x H1.5m.
  • Minimum Space Required - L4.0m x W3.7m x H4.0m.

Training Buddies Sit Up Station

  • Helps the user adopt a variety of stances, whether they like to hold their arms across the body or beside their head.
  • A great workout for all of the abdominal muscles.
  • Dimensions - L0.9m x W1.5m x H0.6m.
  • Minimum Space Required - L4.1m x W4.5m x H3.1m.

Training Buddies Horizontal Pull Up Station

  • Long bar allows the user to use multiple grips.
Set of 8 Stations - Squat, Shoulder Press, Pull Up, Lunge, Press Up, Tricep Dip, Sit Up and Horizontal Pull Up
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