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World Cup 2014 Referee Vanishing Spray

World Cup fever had grasped the nation and the UK media has gone into overdrive with stories about everything from team line-up rumours to preferred kit and equipment of squads. One product that has got everyone talking this week is the new referee vanishing spray, which has been dubbed the free kick line spray wonder for the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

The magic vanishing spray, which was developed by Brazilian Pablo Silva, is a water-based spray used to mark out free-kick spots, acting as a temporary visual marker for both players and referees. The innovative football referee spray disappears a minute after use. This World Cup, referees will be armed with the aerosol of white vanishing spray and will use it to mark a line on the pitch where the defensive wall, and ball, must be stationed during free-kicks.

The free kick spray is designed to help referees avoid delays during a game by preventing the defending team from moving closer than 10 yards from the ball during a free kick and stopping the attacking team from moving the ball from the spot where the referee awarded the free kick.  The product marks where the ball should be positioned and where defenders should stand during a free kick.


However, some referees may need to have a quick practice before they use the vanishing spray wonder, following one official’s adamant attempt to ensure the players didn’t move out of line resulting in their boots getting sprayed.


The innovative vanishing spray for referees will be used throughout the 2014 Brazil World Cup and is exclusively available from Newitts. The non-toxic spray disappears in minutes, does not stain shoes, and is safe for grass so if you want to add some World Cup fever into your own game you can buy the vanishing spray from

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