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Why running shoes are so popular

Running Shoes

Latest news reveals that British consumers spent £100 million more on running shoes in 2014 than in 2010. Furthermore, the number of full priced running shoes sold outstripped the number of promoted shoes purchased last year.

Newitts takes a look below at some of the reasons why running shoes are becoming so popular.




For Fashion

The design of running shoes was the biggest factor influencing purchasers in 2014, suggesting consumers view running shoes not just as a piece of sporting equipment but also as a fashion item. Running shoes are comfortable, have a cushioned sole and come in a range of bright neon colours - who wouldn't want a pair?

The Olympics

According to Sport England, over 2 million people run every week, and this number is continually increasing - in 2014, 250,000 more people ran regularly than in 2010. The London Olympics 2012 had a strong influence on sport within the UK, and had a lasting effect on the population as a whole. More people wanted to better themselves having been inspired by the Olympic athletes.

"5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon events are now more open to the public than ever before."

The Cost

Aside from the money spent on a suitable running outfit and running shoes, running is essentially a free sport. This may be why people are encouraged to spend a bit more on purchasing a suitable pair of running shoes - with little cost involved it is more attractive to get a decent pair of shoes that will last.

The Convenience

In an increasingly work-orientated society, the convenience of running has certainly made it a highly appealing sport to a wide spectrum of busy people. Business executives, directors, students and parents can all find the time to fit a run around their busy schedules. Where a visit to the gym might not be possible, a quick 20 minute run is much easier to fit into a working day. 

Alternative Sports

More running shoes are being used for sports as opposed to just running. Despite the majority being purchased solely for running, every year an increasing number of consumers are purchasing running shoes for alternative sports such as outdoor pursuits, the gym and football.

Running Events

The past few years has seen a significant increase in running events and therefore an increased demand for running shoes. There are now more 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon events open to the public than ever before. Taking part in these types of events for fun or to raise money for charity provides runners with the drive to pursue a strict training programme.  

Promoting Weight Loss

Running offers a multitude of health benefits and, combined with a healthy diet, can promote weight loss. By putting on a pair of running shoes and running regularly, you can remain in shape and maintain a healthy body weight. An average runner will burn about 100 calories per every 0.6 miles (1 kilometre).

Maintains Health

Running is instrumental in promoting good health. It has been proven to reduce stress and blood pressure as it helps to maintain the elasticity of arteries. It also increases lung capacity, strengthens lungs and heart muscle and keeps you in great shape. What better incentive for purchasing a pair of running shoes?

Anyone Can Do It

You might not be the next Usain Bolt, but anyone can run. Despite your talent, gender, past experience, age and physical appearance, none of these factors are detrimental to your progression. Each individual can have their target goals and build on them which is why running is starting to appeal to such a wide spectrum of people.


We'd love to hear from you. What factors do you take in to consideration when buying running shoes?

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