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Mountain King Walking Pole Care Guide

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Mountain King Walking Pole Care

Proper care of you pole should lead to many hours of problem free use.

  • Store your pole dry.
  • Do not clean with any libricants.
  • Do not over tighten.
  • Do not extend beyond the stop markings when using.

Helpful hints

  • Separate the three section for smaller pack size when putting poles in a rucksack or suitcase.
  • If you over tighten your pole - wear a pair of ruber gloves to get a firm grip to loosen the pole (DO NOT twist the end caps).
  • With switchable on/off Antishock - switch Antishock off for uphill sections.
  • Using a pair of poles provides improved stability and ease of walking.

Additional Information on Mountain King Walking Poles


Using a pair of Mountain King pole you experience the following benefits.

  • Reduced weight on your hips and back by 7-11kg per step.
  • Uphill walking is made easier as your arms help support your upper body and give extra support to your legs.
  • Down hill walking is less of a strain on the knees and long descents are less of a challenge.
  • When crossing streamsor boggy ground, Mountain King poles are used to judge depth and increase stability.

What is Antishock?

Antishock is a way of cushioning the jarring of the pole - especially on hard ground and when going downhill. It is achieved by a spring located in the pole which gives a cushioning effect when the pole is pushed on a hard surface.

Do I Need Antishock?

Antishock is great for downhill sections when more weight is put on the poles, reducing jarring.

For uphill sections compressing the spring is a waste of energy and so the Antishock should be turned off (If option is available on your walking pole). This increases the benefit of using poles.

Using On/Off Antishock

The Antishock is operated by tightening the middle section until a click is felt. Tighten a further quarter turn. At this point Antishock is OFF.

To turn on the Antishock simply untighten the middle section to feel the click again. The Antishock is now turned ON.

Getting To Grips

We reccommend the pole is held by using the adjustable strap, by sliding the hand up through the strap and then grasping the grip. Adopting this method will allow you to relax your grip slightly.

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