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Can Andy Murray win Wimbledon 2016?

Andy Murray

Following another heart-breaking defeat to Novak Djokovic in four sets last month at the French Open, Andy Murray has vowed to return to his next major tournament even stronger. But can he do enough to win Wimbledon 2016?

A year ago, Newitts speculated on whether Andy Murray could win Wimbledon 2015. Now a year on, and under a new coach, we take a look at this year's odds surrounding Murray's chances of clinching the winning title at Wimbledon 2016.

He's a great player

Let's not forget that Murray is a great tennis player. Ranked No.2 in the world, there are very few players who can possibly beat Murray at Wimbledon. By reaching the final at Roland Garros, Murray equalled Fred Perry's record of appearing in his 10th slam final, and we feel certain he can do it again.

The "level of tennis is high"

In reaction to his defeat, Andy Murray cited that it was a "rare thing to have happened", and commented on the current strength of the game. Murray said; "the level of tennis is high now and something you probably won't see for a long, long time." Djokovic's performances over the last 18 months have been exceptional, but can his remarkable winning streak continue?

Murray remains confident

Despite losing in the French Open, Murray has two major titles under his belt, the 2012 US Open and 2013 Wimbledon, proving he can continue to play well under pressure. Despite lagging behind Federer, Nadal and Djokovic in his title wins, he remains confident he can add to his titles and beat one or more of the tennis greats.  Murray said;"None of the big events I have won have I done it without beating one of those guys or a couple of them."

Murray is a fighter

Djokovic's victory in Paris has improved his record against Murray to 24-10, but Murray has vowed he will come back stronger and avenge his defeat if the pair meet at Wimbledon. Murray has spent the last few weeks preparing for the chance to set the record straight against one of his biggest rivals on the court.

Murray and grass courts

Murray's is strongest on grass courts, a surface on which Djokovic has never beaten him. Murray celebrated just last week  a record fifth win at the pre-Wimbledon tournament at Queen's Club, held on a grass court. Murray said; "I have played some of my best tennis on clay, for sure, over the last few weeks and definitely the last couple of years....Hopefully that translates well onto the grass, which is a surface that comes way, way more natural to me."

Improvements to Murray's game

Murray needs to make some improvements to his game if he is going to be in with a chance of beating Djokovic which means focussing on his strong first serve, trying to play from the baseline in order to dictate points and attacking Djokovic's serve more often. He has also been advised to spend less time on court, which means avoiding five-setter matches in the earlier rounds. Murray needs to bring a lot more natural variety in his game in order to successfully make Djokovic more uncomfortable on the Wimbledon court.

The crowd are behind him

The crowd at Wimbledon are primarily Murray supporters, and you can never under-estimate the power a crowd's support can have over a player. Following his win at Wimbledon in 2013, Murray was reduced to tears when thanking the crowd for their over-whelming support and said he could not have achieved what he did without them. Murray said;  "It really helps when the crowd’s like that, the atmosphere is like that. Especially in a match as tough as that one where it’s extremely hot, brutal, long rallies, tough games - they help you get through it.”

The team at Newitts would like to wish Andy Murray the very best of luck at his forthcoming tournament at Queens Club and at Wimbledon 2016.

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