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6 ways the England cricket team can make a great comeback

England v Australia

2015 is a big year for English cricket with the World Cup and the Ashes both providing the perfect opportunity for the team to win back support from the waning public.

Last year was a disappointing year for English cricket, providing the fans with very little to get excited about, but if we can put 2014 behind us and focus on fresh challenges ahead - this year could prove to be much better.

"England need to take advantage of home soil"

Following Moeen Ali's century which led England to a 119-run victory over Scotland at the weekend and a first win of the World Cup, maybe it's no longer all doom and gloom for the team and its long-suffering fans?

 Following heavy defeats against co-hosts Australia and New Zealand, England's recent success in Christchurch has provided England with a much-needed morale boost - but are they in better shape for the challenges ahead?

Below we discuss 6 of the important moves England need to make in order to play the best cricket they can this year.


1. Eoin Morgan needs to get his form back

If Morgan bats well and leads the one day side he can give the England team a boost in preparation for a stronger, more confident performance against New Zealand in May. The Test against New Zealand provides England with the perfect preparation for the Ashes. New Zealand are a strong team who will be able to push the team hard, providing them with the perfect chance to find their rhythm of play before the Ashes series.

2. England need to take advantage of home soil

One of the distinct advantages the England team have over their Australian opponents in this year's famous Ashes Test Series is that they will be playing on home soil. This will hopefully help the team create the impact they need to win back the public.

3. New roles in management will boost morale

There is set to be lots of changes to English cricket this year off the field with a new chief executive, Tom Harrison beginning his new role this month and a new chairman of the ECB is also soon expected. Hopefully a change in these key influential roles will see England move in a different direction in the future.

4. The team needs strong players and higher scores

It is what happens on the field which will be the ultimate decider of English cricket. Sports has always been a results based business, and without the results, it is unlikely the same people will keep their jobs, bringing added pressure to key players. In order for England to be successful, the team needs strong players at the top, taking big wickets and scoring runs with the bat.

5. Core players need to up their game

Strong players to watch this year include Moeen Ali, who just scored a century in The World Cup, Jos Buttler, Joe Root and Gary Ballance. With the right group of players and a strong leader, England can potentially perform very well, not to mention the home advantage the team will have in the Ashes series.

6. Alastair Cook needs to be a strong leader

Following the World Cup, England will travel to the West Indies for three Test matches - a tour that fans are hoping will see England prosper and develop a winning formula for future Tests. Last summer Cook's captaincy of the England test team came under massive pressure because of poor results and his own poor batting form. In order for England to gain the confidence they need, Cook needs to be a strong leader and bat well.


Can England win back the hearts and minds of the British public? We'd love to hear your thoughts below.


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