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6 benefits of netball for kids

6 benefits of netball for kids

Netball bibs and ball

Obesity in children has become an increasing problem, and has highlighted more than ever the fact that our children's health and fitness should be a top priority.

Active children are more likely to remain active later in life, but sport is not just offered to children to stay fit, there are so many other positive aspects.

Studies have proven that sport can have a huge impact on a child's psychological and social well-being as well as teaching children some valuable life skills too.

Newitts sells a wide range of netball equipment suitable for all ages. Below, we take a look at the benefits of netball as a sport for kids.

Social benefits

Netball is a team sport, and therefore presents an ideal opportunity for children to meet new friends and learn how to work with other people. It is also a good way for girls and boys to mix and socialise in a controlled environment. One of the requirements of the game of netball is for players to successfully attack, defend and score goals. This exercise teaches children how to work together to produce an end result, improving their social and verbal skills.

Physical benefits

Like many sports, netball requires players to run around the court, sprint and change direction quickly, meaning children can benefit from a good cardiovascular workout, which will improve their overall fitness and increase their flexibility and strength. In netball, every player is assigned a role, and passing the ball is extremely important. In this way, players develop good hand-eye co-ordination and quicker reaction time.

Financial benefits

In comparison to many other sports, netball is not an expensive game to play. Beginner netball players will only require appropriate netball clothing, a pair of sports shoes and a ball to practice with, there is no need for expensive sports equipment such as rackets or bats. Furthermore, many of the individual skills required of a netball player can be practiced on any level ground, meaning you don't necessarily have to hire an expensive netball court to play.

Running benefits

Playing netball requires players to run around the court, sprint short distances and change direction accurately and quickly, therefore over time, a child's fitness levels will gradually increase. A netball court is 100 feet long and 50 feet wide, so as the game progresses, players might find themselves covering large distances around the court. If your child enjoys running, they may wish to try playing in Centre position, which is a position that covers an extensive amount of the ground.

Coordination benefits

In netball, children will be required to pass the ball to members of their own team using different throwing techniques. Passes included within the game are a high pass which is sent over opponents' heads, and requires a player's team mate to usually jump and catch the ball. In addition, a chest pass is a fast throw at chest height from one player to another, while a bounce pass sends the ball to and from waist height with only one single bounce on the ground allowed. Each throw requires and develops good hand-eye coordination in order for the player to throw and catch the ball accurately.

Team benefits

Netball is very much a team game and does not allow any individual player to operate independently, meaning children will develop excellent team building skills which may help them to grow in confidence within other social situations. Most of the player positions are restricted to one half of the netball court, therefore the netball team must work very close together to successfully attack, defend and score goals.



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