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20 Reasons To Take Up Cycling Today!

1. Using a bike in the city normally gets you to your destination faster than if you were in a car.

2. Cycling improves sleeping patterns. Although an early morning cycle ride may seem unappealing, soon enough you will start sleeping better on an evening and for even longer!

3. Cardio exercise and respiratory exercise are believed to improve your brainpower. Exercise helps your body to build new brain cells, particularly memory boosting cells.

4. It makes you look younger because cycling is regenerating. Cycling improves circulation, which in turns helps oxygen and nutrients get to your skin more efficiently, enabling your skin to rejuvenate quicker.

5. Boosts the bowels! Cycling (and other physical activities) help food pass more swiftly through your system. Because food moves through more quickly, less water is absorbed back into the body and so the excess water makes the digested food softer and able to pass through your body quicker.

6. Moderate activities such as a cycle ride helps keep your immune system fighting fit to fend of those nasty common bugs. Getting up and getting active 2 or 3 times a week rather than sitting on the sofa is believed to lead you to have less days feeling poorly.

7. Cycling is great for the environment. Bikes do not pollute. Not as many materials are needed to make a bike compared with a car and they do not take up as much room to park!

8. A bike is efficient. You can go up to x3 faster than walking if you pedal on a bike.

9. You live longer. Cycling helps to lower your chances of suffering from cardio vascular diseases, cancers, obesity and diabetes.

10. A gentle cycle ride is great during pregnancy and can help towards having a more straightforward and quick labour. Moderate exercise during pregnancy can help with a faster recovery time after having had your baby.

11. Your heart is protected well from cycling. Cycling can reduce the risk of getting heart disease. It is much better to try and do some exercise than just sit on the sofa doing nothing.

12. Weight loss can be achieved through cycling. Running is also a great way to shed the pounds but it is not so gentle on the joints. When you are cycling, the saddle takes on the majority of your weight.

13. You may end up spending less money on fuel!

14. Cycling is a great activity that you can do as a whole family. It can be very sociable. You can use bike seats for the smaller members of the family.

15. It is a great way to help others. There are many cycling fundraising events out there.

16. The one we want to hear…it is relatively easy to get fit without working too hard!

17. Cycling increases your metabolic rate, which in turn makes you burn fat quicker. Your metabolic rate remains raised for a number of hours after cycling, not just during the time you are pedalling! You continue to benefit even after exercising.

18. It is a great way to stay healthy.

19. It is mood lifting. Even if you do not feel inspired to get going…once you get out there is will boost your mood and make you feel happier.

20. You can spend quality time with the ones you love.

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